Pirates Interested in Russell Martin

The catching market is weak this year, and the top free agent is Russell Martin. Ken Rosenthal has an update on the interest in Martin, and notes that the Pittsburgh Pirates are one of the teams who are interested. He notes that Martin is drawing “significant interest” from the Pirates, Rangers, and Mariners. The New York Yankees are the favorites to sign Martin, although the Rangers could offer him a big deal.

It would be unlikely that the Pirates land him. Rosenthal notes that the Yankees might not be willing to risk losing Martin over a difference of “$2 million per season”. The Yankees and Rangers could both offer more than what the Pirates could. Those spots would probably be more appealing to Martin since those two teams would have a better shot at contending next year. I’d be surprised if anyone but the Yankees or Rangers ended up with Martin.

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i’d definitely prefer pierzynski, but i could live with martin at the right price.


Now we’re talking. I would agree with that situation all day long


Agree with you on Sanchez. seen him many times and his defense above average . We got spoiled when he hit for average in A ball. He was an over draft but in the case of college catchers, you over draft them or you lose the opportunity to get quality if you wait.


Signing Martin would be a misuse of resources for the Pirates. Athough Martin’s defense would be an upgrade from this past season’s catchers, Martin’s offsense was only slightly better than Barajas. The Bucs would be better off trading for a catcher than signing one from this very weak free agent catcher’s market.


Martin’s average may have been just above Rod’s, but his power numbers are a lot better. He would be worth it but I agree they won’t won a bidding war with three Yankees or rangers


Martins power numbers might have been a little better, but that might not translate in PNC park, big difference in parks. Where Martin would help the Pirates is probably more related to controlling the game from the catchers position, but IMO, Sanchez will be ready sometime in the middle of the year if he does not regress.


This is exactly why the bucs will never compete. Adding a catcher like Martin would not break the bank. The pirates have the resources but wait for the market to fall out so they can grab the scraps leftover. Spend a little on the RIGHT players early and improve your team. Martin had a ho hum year with the bat last year but I look for him to improve his bat this year. His defense far exeeds anyone we have in the organization. Good potential sign in my opinion.


and for the record, i have seen Tony Sanchez at least 2 dozen times in person. his defense is MLB average at WORST. i would have to say Martin’s defense would be on par with Mr. Sanchez’s


Tony Sanchez has never played a MLB game because he’s not been good enough and yet you claim his defense is on par with a mlb allstar catcher. Oh okay. I stand corrected.


I have seen Sanchez also and he was very impressive to me and I think he would hit better than Rod did last year if they give him more than a couple of at bats to prove it, no way I pay a lot of money for Martin when Sanchez is so close. If they can’t make a trade, go with the Fort and bring in a journeyman catcher until Sanchez is ready. I think the Fort’s throwing improved late in 2012 and I know Sanchez can throw, that would help a great deal.


yeah, the bucs never attempt to sign anyone of significance. two years running and the bucs never tried to sign edwin jackson, jorge de la rosa, roy oswalt… and theres no telling whom else NH didnt approach about a contract.
the better the player, the more the Bucs have to overpay. would Martin be a nice addition? probably. is he worth outbidding the Yankees?????? no.


The people you mention are better then most of our current players but I don’t consider any of them great potential targets. Has beens would be suffice. I’m talking about opening the check book and signing real impact players. I am an optimist and have always been supportive of what this front office has been trying to accomplish,but my optimism and patience has been worn thin. And yes I do think Martin is worth outbidding the mighty yanks. That’s what other baseball teams do to IMPROVE their team!!!

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