Pirates Sign Russell Martin

As per Ken Rosenthal on Twitter, the Pirates have reached terms with Russell Martin, pending a physical.   We will continue to flesh this out with more details about the terms of the deal as they become available.

UPDATE 8:46 p.m. — Rosenthal tweets, via David Waldstein, that Martin’s contract is 2 years/$17M.  If confirmed, that is for a higher average annual value than the original rumor of 3 years/$24M, but the shorter term plays better for the Pirates and their need to evaluate Tony Sanchez at the Major League level.

UPDATE 9:45 PM: A few conflicting reports on whether the Yankees made an offer.

Olney also notes that Texas was in on the bidding.

Rob Biertempfel notes that the Pirates briefly considered Mike Napoli, but decided he couldn’t handle everyday catching and would be better suited in the AL. That seems to be the consensus, as most rumors I’ve seen have teams looking at Napoli as a 1B/DH.

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Love the signing and believe he will be a great addition!!!

Bryan Graham

WTF are you people smoking to like this? Whatever it is, please pass it this way. We are getting a guy that McHenry could duplicate the offensive numbers of over the last 2 years, he’s not going to throw out any more base stealers than the other catchers because the pitchers allow the runners to get a large enough jump that a sumo wrestler would feel safe stealing. I hope he at least has a good first half of the season so when the Pirates are 15 games out of first at the break we can get a ransom for him in a trade.

Todd Smith

McHenry is an even better hitter than McCutcheon.

Timothy Mohr

here is the one thing everyone seems to be overlooking. when talking about the pirates payroll we all have a certain number in mind. maybe just maybe the pirates are willing to go a little more this year. two factors come to mind 1 ticket sales were better last year than previous years and this year is even better and 2 baseballs new tv contract next yearmgives an estimated 16 million more per team. lets hope they up the payroll

Joe Sweetnich

I like the 2 and $17mm. Surprises the heck out of me but it’s a start.

Fred Langford

i like 2 years.


I can live with the 2 years for a veteran catcher, IMO, the price was too high, but when you look at it the Pirates were never going to get Martin unless they bid higher than the Yankees, if the money is close, he goes to the Yanks.
I do believe this signals the end for Hanrahan, the Pirates are not going to spend 7 mil for him and pay Martin, I would not be surprised if they have not been trying to trade him, going to arbitration does not seem like something the Pirates would want to do.

Joe Sweetnich

Pirates won’t give Hanrahan away and I doubt he will bring much before the trade deadline.

Lee Young

Great news! And for only 2 years is awesome!

I just hope I am saying the same thing in August!

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