Pirates Trying to Retain Grilli

Ken Rosenthal has an update on the Pirates and Jason Grilli.


Grilli would probably require a two year deal. He’d be a great option for the Pirates as a closer if they deal Joel Hanrahan this off season. As a set up man he would be expensive for the Pirates, since he’d probably command $3-4 M per year.

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I’d be really careful handing big money to Grilli. He is a good reliever but that dominant guy was only present for 3 months in a rather ordinary career.

Yo Cho

I don’t mind handing out big $$$ to Grilli as long as it’s only a ONE year deal. maybe 2.
the money’s not mine, but more importantly, relievers rise and fall so randomly year to year.

Lee Young

good point!

Stephen Brooks

This makes sense. 70-win teams can afford to manufacture closers from clay, contending teams (other than Tampa) can’t. And with Broxton and Madson off the market, the affordable closers are all off the table. Paying Grilli set-up man dollars for closer production is the next best thing.

Just cross your fingers that he can pull it off.


What do you think hanrahan could fetch in a trade?


He should fetch a quality bat or a salary swap SP or it isn’t worth moving him. Cost controlled closer types have fetched guys like Jed Lowrie and Josh Reddick last year, too bad teh Sox don’t need a closer. Detroit seems like such a natural fit need wise, Porcello would be a good deal.

Stephen Brooks

If he can fetch a cheap #4 starter, it’ll be worth it.

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