Report: Pirates Won’t Allow Jose Tabata to Play Winter Ball

The other day in the Winter League recap from Tuesday, I mentioned that Jose Tabata was on the roster of Caribes de Anzoategui of the Venezuelan League. It was mentioned earlier in the off-season that Tabata most likely will not play, though nothing was definite at the time. Today I came across an article (link is in Spanish) that confirms the Pirates will not allow Jose Tabata to play Winter Ball this year.

Tabata’s agent Carlos Rios, posted recently on Twitter that the Pirates confirmed to him that Tabata won’t be allowed to play and Rios was quoted as saying “We respect the decision of the Pirates but we totally disagree. Tabata needs to play to mature as a player.”

Between his time with the Pirates and his stint at Indianapolis this year, Tabata played 144 games, receiving a total of 547 plate appearances. This will mark the second year in a row that Tabata will not play Winter Ball.

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La Pirate

i thnk the Pirates are intent on trading him and dont want him sustaining possible injury. I cant see any other reason for him not playing some. What did he bat .240?


It appears the Pirates don’t want him spending the winter playing baseball in the warmth. This will assuredly toughen him up so that he’ll hit like a house a-fire in April in Pittsburgh.

Assuming there is any actual rationale behind this.

Ian Rothermund

If they are worried about his health…might do him to good to focus on conditioning and coming into camp at 100% in the spring. Athleticism and showing any kind of spark is the only way he’ll be able to retain any semblance of a starting position.


No kidding he won’t play, Winter League teams want to win too!

Fred Langford

I’m surprised the Pirate’s beat writer hasn’t gotten to the bottom of this. HA!!! Too busy finding the next useless fluff PR article.


So, what is he doing instead? It’d be good if someone in the media questioned the front office on this.

Richard Ya'Zhynka

This leaves me wondering.

– Was Tabata fully healthy last year?
– Do the Pirates fear that he is injury prone?
– Is it more important for him to work on conditioning than it is to play winter ball?

Lee Young

all good questions…I wonder if anyone will find out.

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