Conflicting Reports on Whether Jason Grilli Has Signed

Peter Gammons has the latest on the Jason Grilli watch.

It looks like the Pirates are in the final four, although I’d be surprised if they went to three years. It would be surprising if any team went to three years, considering Grilli’s age. Then again, teams are handing out three year deals like candy on Halloween this off-season.

Grilli is represented by Gary Sheffield.

UPDATE 9:49 AM: Ken Rosenthal says that all of the above teams have made two year offers, and that Grilli will stay in Pittsburgh unless another team goes to three years.

UPDATE 11:24 AM: Rosenthal with another update, saying the Giants are out.

Based on the earlier reports, and this report saying it will be a two-year deal, things look good for the Pirates. There is still the possibility that the Cubs or Blue Jays could offer more money with their two-year deals.

UPDATE 12:43 PM: Tom Singer says that reports are coming in saying Grilli is signing with the Pirates.

More details as they come.

UPDATE 12:47 PM: A lot of other people on Twitter saying the same thing. Looks like Grilli is coming back to the Pirates.

UPDATE 12:49 PM: Scratch that? Singer has the following from Grilli:

UPDATE 12:56 PM: Looks like the original report came from Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports.

UPDATE 12:57 PM: Jon Heyman says the Pirates signed Grilli.

UPDATE 1:02 PM: And now Heyman is saying the same thing Singer said.

UPDATE 1:07 PM: The magic of Twitter. The best that I can make of this, based on the above, is that Calcaterra had the original report, Singer went off that report, then heard back from Grilli denying it. Heyman went off Singer’s report, then went off Singer’s Tweet that it was denied:

I think the only thing we have here is the original report from Calcaterra, which is unconfirmed, and denied by Grilli.

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or it could be that Grilli wants something in his contract about saves or games finished if he does become closer (not sure if that is still possible in contracts)

Joe Sweetnich

I know this is a longshot, but might it be possible that the Pirates are asking Grilli to keep it quiet until Hanrahan is traded, and that something is imminent?

Signing Grilli at a high annual (at or around $4mm per) may indicate that he will close, therefore reducing Hanrahan’s perceived value.


Truthfully who cares what he does.. He is making a mockery of this.. sign somewhere else.. you are not that good… Yes you had one good season, your only one..


Hey, at the least, you’re keeping up with news reports. A certain other major Pirates news outlet has been lax on reporting updates all week other than maybe once or twice a day. When I want Pirates news fast and first, I go here.

Lee Young

yep…this is MY #1 source for the most part.


I think it helped that Tim put more resources into having Kristy, etc., get original reporting too, thanks in no small part from sales of the prospect handbook (from what I understand).
It’s a cycle that way- the more original reporting/the more instant stories, the more visitors, which means more people clicking ads and buying books, which means more resources to get reporting.
I am not sure what the excuse is at the other place, but it’s lackluster and a shame. But enough about that. Let’s hope the Bucs can get Grilli, if only because that strengthens their trade prospects.

Lee Young

Good news!

Now…do we keep or trade Hanny?

Lee Young

Bad news.

I thought that hashtag was Sheff’s???!!!


I am still a believer that Jason Grilli has the type of character to have loyalty to the team that gave him the opportunity in 2011 when Philly would not promote him out of AAA, and to sign him for another year in 2012 where he earned the 8th inning job, and sometimes Closer. His out pitch was the hard slider and an above average fastball 95/96, but thinking he can maintain that type of velocity through age 37/38 is asking too much.

Jordy Hall

Obligatory Gary Sheffield reference.


Is Sheff insisting on a non-roster Spring Training invite for himself as part of the deal?


I’d only be interested in giving Sheff two years max, he is 44 after all. I bet he can post a ops north of .750. With Bonds in left and Sheff in right, Cutch will have to fly to cover ground.

Oh wait, we’re talking about signing Grilli.

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