Jason Grilli Wading Through Offers; Pirates Made Their Offer

You could either file that headline under “Pointing Out the Obvious Possibilities” or “Most Vague News Ever”. In this case it’s more of the latter. Jason Grilli tweeted the following early this morning.

Based on those comments, we can only assume that he’s heading to Nashville to sign a deal. Tom Singer mentions that Grilli is expected to take the stage as a new owner of a two-year deal. At this point we don’t know who Grilli will be signing with, and honestly we don’t know for sure that he will sign today. To the second point, I don’t think he’d be heading to Nashville, and talking about his long journey to this point if he wasn’t at a conclusion. He’s been connected to the Cubs and the Brewers, and the Pirates want to bring him back.

I’ll keep this post updated throughout the day as more information becomes available. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s a law that when talking about Grilli I have to point out that former MLB player Gary Sheffield is his agent.

UPDATE 10:50 AM: Jon Heyman with an update:

Obligatory Gary Sheffield mention? Check. With ten teams in, I wouldn’t assume anything about the Pirates bringing Grilli back.

UPDATE 11:51 AM: Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe reports a deal is close.

UPDATE 1:29 PM: Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says Grilli won’t be signing with the Brewers.

UPDATE 5:33 PM: Tom Singer has two updates.

I guess it’s still possible for Grilli to sign today, but “wading through all the offers” doesn’t sound like he’s close.

UPDATE 6:05 PM: Rob Biertempfel reports that the Pirates have made their offer.

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I’m guessing this Dejan comment will be deleted like the rest????


ok, got ya.


The one thing Nh has shown he can do as GM is find cheap bullpen arms. He found Grilli, he can find someone else.


I hope we keep Grilli but he’s 36 and was pretty bad the last month of the season. My guess is that he’ll be too expensive for it to make sense for the Pirates to bring him back.


IMO, 2 years is too much. The Pirates have to get him for a deal that makes sense, the wheels are not going to fall off the cart if he signs somewhere else.

Bryan Graham

The Pirates need well above average pitching from the starters and bullpen to even consider being competitive. It would be a huge loss if Grilli isn’t a Pirate next season.

Lee Young


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