Pirates Trade Joel Hanrahan and Brock Holt to the Red Sox

After hearing on Sunday that there will be no news on the Pirates and Red Sox deal for Joel Hanrahan until after Christmas, we hear news this afternoon from Peter Gammons on Twitter that the deal is done. No details as of yet, but if he is saying the deal is done, I’d expect them shortly. -JD

UPDATE 12:35pm: Ken Rosenthal confirms deal is done and players involved are being told before it is announced. -JD

UPDATE 12:45 PM: Rosenthal reports three of the players coming back to the Pirates are known. -TW

UPDATE 12:47 PM: Jon Heyman reports Brock Holt is the second player going to Boston. -TW

UPDATE 12:48 PM: Heyman has the last name, Ivan De Jesus, who is a middle infielder. -TW

UPDATE 12:49 PM: The Pirates have officially announced the trade. -TW

UPDATE 12:51 PM: For some background on each player coming back, here are links to their player pages on Sox Prospects.





The only one who wasn’t on the 40-man roster was DeJesus. The Pirates will have to create a spot on the 40-man roster, which will come later today. -TW

UPDATE 1:32 PM: In the Pirates Press Release regarding the trade, GM Neal Huntington had this to say on the players coming back:

Mark Melancon 

“Mark Melancon has been a quality major league reliever with closing experience who displays key subjective and objective indicators as a candidate to bounce back from a challenging 2012 season. Similar to
when we acquired Joel Hanrahan, our scouts saw a quality pitch package that was not accurately reflected by his present level of performance. Mark will be a solid addition to our bullpen.”

Jerry Sands

“Jerry Sands has impressed our scouts with his well-rounded tools package, highlighted by his ability to command the strike zone as a hitter and drive the ball for extra base hit potential. Additionally, his defensive versatility will increase his opportunity to contribute to our major league club in the near term as well as in the years to come.”

Stolmy Pimentel

“Stolmy Pimentel is a 22-year-old right-handed pitcher with a quality pitch package as well as several other traits of major league starting pitchers. We believe we can help Stolmy reach his potential as a quality major league pitcher.”

Ivan DeJesus

“Ivan DeJesus is a versatile and reliable defender who can handle the bat and will compete to make our major league club in an extra infielder role.”

UPDATE: 2:15 PM:  Huntington’s thoughts on the trade of the Pirates All-Star closer and how he feels it will affect the team this year:

“While acknowledging that trading Joel Hanrahan was a difficult decision, we are pleased that the direct result will be the addition of three players who will very likely impact our major league club this season plus a pitcher who will add to our deep and talented pitching prospect base.”

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Wilfredo Lopez

good trade for the pirates, melancon becomes the 8 inning guy and can have a nice bounce back year, sands adds power and de jesus will stick as a utility guy, pirates next move is to trade tabata, so sands can become the platoon guy with snider imo.


Getting Melancon with his 4 years of control for Hanrahan’s 1 year of control is a nice trade off. Melancon’s has had a successful cut fastball and curve in the past. Even though he closed for the Astros, he’ll probably be the setup man for the next 2 years under Grilli (unless Grilli falters).

I think Sands is a Quad A slugger, albeit one with more interest than Clint Robinson, and Dejesus will not be much of anything. Pimentel could be interesting, as age is still on his side, but I suspect he will be a reliever if he makes the majors at all.

Overall, this trade has the potential for a slight edge to the Pirates IF Melancon regains his form.

Hanrahan served his purpose for the Pirates, but you can’t get attached to relievers if you follow a small-revenue team like the Pirates.


I’m pleased overall with this deal. There is a lot of upside on our end of it. Stinks to see them go, but I’m glad it was Brock and not something rediculous like Jones.

On a completely unrelated note, my wife gave me an official McCutchen jersey for Christmas. I must have been good this year. 🙂
She is from Detroit, I got her a Lions jersey…she wanted a Jason Hanson one!

La Pirate

This is a solid trade for both teams. Holt was blocked by Walker who I expect the Pirates will sign long term extension. Melanson is a good reliever, he always seemed to pitch well against the Pirates when he was with the Stros. I expect him to be a solid addition to the relief corp. No one can accuse the Pirates of standing still this offseason and I still expect some additional moves given the outfield and first base logjams.


Obviously, the Bucs waited too long to part with Hanrahan, but this is a decent return, especially if Pimentel turns out to be a successful reclamation project.

Lee Young

From a Bosox blogger (Charlie W’s counterpart):

Fairly certain you guys win this one.

Frankly, Melancon – Hanrahan seems like a Pirates win straight-up given the contract situations and their various question marks. Sands is an interesting guy, too.

Over the Monster — SB Nation’s Resident Red Sox Site

by Ben Buchanan on Dec 26, 2012 10:23 AM PST reply actions



Brock may never be a superstar but how could you root against a guy whose twitter byline is “I’m nice to people”? I really wish they’d sent someone else.

Lee Young

Hanny was good people, too!

Lee Young

raded a reliever and got a good one (I think) in return.

I think he is our new setup or 7th inning guy.

Pimenta and Sands are ‘lightning in a bottle’ guys and DeJesus is a utility candidate.

I wonder if this means Mercer spends the year at AAA?

Obviously we were never gonna get Porcello.

I like this better than one year of Capuano.


Lee Young

Great news!


My Christmas is complete

My Pirates Prospects book showed up today!!!!!

Who cares if it is snowing like heck outside. I ain’t leaving my recliner for hours!

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