Joel Hanrahan’s Trade Market

Earlier today, Rob Biertempfel had a note about two American League teams who said no thanks to trading for Joel Hanrahan. Biertempfel follows that up with a good rundown of Hanrahan’s trade market.

He notes that the Pirates have been shopping Hanrahan for several weeks now. He also mentions that one scout was “shocked” at how low the initial asking price was for the closer. If the Pirates dealt Hanrahan quickly, Biertempfel says it could put them in better position to sign Jason Grilli as a replacement.

I’m a bit surprised by the “low asking price” comment. You’d think the price would start off high. I pointed out in my Winter Meetings preview that Hanrahan’s value is low. If teams are saying no thanks to dealing for him, that’s a sign that other teams view him the same way. So maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that the asking price is low.

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IC Bob

1st off Hanrahan is in his prime, he has few innings under his belt , he has body ( unlike Lincecom) to continue to pitch the way he does for a long time, you can give me all those numbers but his success rate on saves has always been their since he has arrive in Pittsburgh. His issues last year stem from the inconsistent use. The team went weeks at a time without needing a closer and he hardly pitched in August. Relievers need to pitch and he wasn’t . As for Grilli, he wore down big time and struggled when given the opportunity to close games in spite of some fantastic numbers in non close situations. Someone mentioned Meek. He got injured and never regained his play. Now if you are telling me Hanny is hurt then by all means trade him. I don’t think thats the case.

If you are ready to hand the closer job to Watson, Hughes or Morris then getting ready for some really exciting 9th innings.

One last thing If this teams finances are at a point where they can’t keep players in their final year of arbitration then its time to sell the team or move it.


one of the things people are saying is that is price tag is based upon War. For a team that wants to get into the playoffs a closer is worth more than WAR.


Forgot to mention don’t Pirate fans remember Bill Landrum and Stan Belinda?

La Pirate

This report makes no sense. Most viewers have commented that Hanrahan doesnt have great trade value because of his price tag. That may be true but the Pirates can certainly risk keeping Hanrahan until they get a reasonable return. If they dont then they dont. There are certain calculated risks in this business and the harsh glare of hindsight is not a valid barometer.

IC Bob

When did Hanrahan become so bad? You make it sound like he is horrible and we need to dump him now. Who do the Pirates spend 7 million on if not Hanny? Some less then proven reliever? Another Corria or do they just keep it?

I am one that thinks most any good pitcher will make a fine closer however Hanny has been a top 5 closer over the last two years. Why give him away for nothing. To do so is a clear sign this team is already playing 2014 and 2015.

Leadoff when does this team play to win now?


If he is as valuable as you think he is why are teams not coming for him, they all know he is available, I will tell you why, there are 7 million reasons and he is not worth near that much.
As far as them winning now I don’t think wanting to deal Hanrahan or any other they have says they are not trying to win now. Moving players is part of the game for every team.

IC Bob

Teams don’t trade their all star closer for a grade C prospect.. Last year Paplebon got 39 million for three years. This year Rivera coming off a devastating injury and near retirement signs for 10 million. The bottom line is you don’t trade a [layer just because. You bring up 7 million reasons. I will tell you their is no way the Bucs spend that money on anything of value. Last year we spent 15 million for Barajas, Mcgahee, Mcgloth and Bedard. every year we waste millions on reclamation projects. This year we have an all star closer and you and NH are ready to give him away for a future AA all star.. Is it any wonder we have not had a winning season in over 20 years. If you are not getting what you need for Hanrahan then trade him in June when a team is desperate. Their will still be a market for him. Good pitchers don’t suddenly get bad.


As I said, if he is as good as you think he is why have teams not broken down the door for him?
He is just not as good as your making him out to be and certainly no one in baseball is going to tell you he is worth 7mil.
The Pirates don’t want to give him away, but someone has to want him and no one does at this point, how hard is it to understand that it takes two to make a trade? Barajas was not a reclamation project, he hit .230 with 16 Hrs. for the Dodgers in 2011. Magee was had for a middle relief pitcher, Mcclouth is going to sign on as a free agent with the Orioles this year, Bedard gave them some quality starts, not enough however.

zombie sluggo

“Good pitchers don’t suddenly get bad.”
Really? Ubaldo Jimenez, Tim Lincecum and Evan Meek just off the top of my head. And those first two guys were great.
BTW, Hanrahan was not very effective last year. He had an extraordinarily high homerun rate, high walk rate, and unsustainably low babip. Grilli was much more effective than Hanrahan. Hanrahan was, to be blunt, lucky as shit last year.


“He also mentions that one scout was “shocked” at how low the initial asking price was for the closer. ”

Why in the world would Neal Huntington asking price for Hanrahan be shockingly low? What kind of GM would low ball himself right off the bat? I don’t believe that for one second.

IC Bob

This is NH and FC we are talking about. He bids against himself and gives up on players a dozen teams will fight for as a FA. It seems sad that once this management team gets it in their head to do something stupid, nothing deters them.


If there are no serious offers keep him and roll for 2013. He doesn’t have to be traded for nothing in return. They could deal him in July to a team in need if things don’t go well for the Bucs.


Dealing him frees up 7mil, if he bombs, no body will take him off their hands unless the Pirates throw in money. If they would have non-tendered him, they would have lost him for sure for nothing and the media would have had the hanging mob out in full force. Since they are finding out that they might just be stuck with him I wonder if they think they made a mistake not non-tendering him.

Richard Ya'Zhynka

If the asking price for Hanrahan was, indeed, “shockingly low,” then when didn’t the other team jump at the chance to make the deal?


the bad part is if the American league team thought the asking price was low how come they didn’t complete trade?


As I said in an earlier post if someone takes him they pay 7mil and he is not worth that much so why would they throw in a quality return? I think he is another Capps only coming off a much better season than Capps did, Capps was not worth anything when the Bucs let him go.
What the Pirates would get out of someone taking him off their hands would be 7mil to work with not much more.

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