Pirates Pushing to Move Hanrahan

Danny Knobler of CBS Sports has the latest on Joel Hanrahan.

We’ve heard that the Pirates are shopping Hanrahan, which isn’t new. We’ve also heard Neal Huntington say that he’d be fine keeping Hanrahan and Jason Grilli in the same bullpen. I just can’t see that happening, and if Knobler’s sources are correct, it makes that combo of Hanrahan/Grilli sticking around even less likely. If Hanrahan is on the team when Spring Training starts, I’ll be very surprised.

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Interesting to see the Dodgers could be interested in Joel. I read a something today about the Dogers possible looking to move Ethier.



Kristy always has good stuff to read. Plus seems accurate.
Think she deserves a raise and Christmas bonus.

Lee Young

Nothing against Tim, but I would drive 31/2 hours to see Kristy, but not Tim:) 🙂

Btw, does anyone know why Lacee Collins got canned?


Because she couldn’t do the zoltan right obviously

Lee Young



Tim – any takeways from the various interviews at PirateFest? Did P2 have a space this year? From her tweets, I know Kristy was there. I’m surprised there haven’t been any updates on the site from her.

Lee Young

Did you see the 3 part interviews on Bucs Dugout? Tim was a part of those.


That was good stuff at BD. I’m also interested in what Tim’s take is from his conversations.

Lee Young

i am too


I think it unlikely Hanrahan is around when ST rolls around.

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