Pirates Trade Kyle Kaminska to Boston to Complete the Zach Stewart Trade

The Boston Red Sox have announced on Twitter that the Pittsburgh Pirates have traded right-hander Kyle Kaminska as the PTBNL for the Zach Stewart trade. Kaminska was originally acquired from the Marlins in the trade that sent Gorkys Hernandez and a compensation pick. He was Rule 5 eligible in today’s draft, but wasn’t picked. It makes sense that the trade was announced after the draft, as the Red Sox would have wanted to wait to see if he’d still be available.

The Pirates moved Kaminska to the rotation in Bradenton almost immediately, making a few adjustments which seemed to have worked. He had good results in limited time in Double-A, and then was one of the better pitchers in the league in the AFL. It’s interesting that they flipped him after that work. Then again, perhaps that work allowed them to flip him. I’m not sure that Kyle Kaminska would have been enough for Zach Stewart when he was acquired. It’s not that Stewart is a high priced player, but Kaminska looked like he would wash out as a Double-A reliever before the trade and before the changes.

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Fred Langford

Kaminska had a great run with us didn’t he?

Lee Young



stewart does have more potential than Kaminska IMO, and getting somebody like him makes giving up the compensation pick seem a little more reasonable (I think the Marlins would have traded Sanchez without the compensation pick and NH needlessly included it in deal).

Lee Young

Historically, that comp pick position hasn’t yielded too many ‘stars’.


that is irrelevant, it is up to the Bucs to find someone (wasn’t Josh Bell pick close to that number?)

so you think they should just blow off the draft since stars only come at top of draft? That means that NH totally blew it by using the number 4 pick to take Sanchez if all the stars would be gone by next time he picked.

Lee Young

no great loss….Stewart on Sanchez for Gorkys and that comp pick?

Good trade so far. I’d do it again.

Lee Young

Stewart AND Sanchez

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