Tigers Not Interested in Joel Hanrahan

Danny Knobler has an update on the Detroit Tigers and starting pitcher Rick Porcello. He reports that the Angels are interested in Porcello, along with the Pirates, Rangers, and the Phillies before adding John Lannan. We’ve heard a lot about a possible Joel Hanrahan for Rick Porcello swap, but it doesn’t look like that would happen. Knobler reports the Tigers aren’t interested in Hanrahan, per his sources.

Also, I’ve received several “Now that the Angels have Josh Hamilton, what would it take to get Mark Trumbo” questions. Knobler mentions that the Angels aren’t looking to deal Trumbo, which makes sense. What wouldn’t make sense is if the Angels spent a ton on Josh Hamilton just so they could trade the younger, cheaper, power hitting Trumbo for prospects or a few lesser pieces.

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Sean Matthews

What about Mike Pelfrey??

Lee Young

Twins signed him.

Sean Matthews



So, Detroit signs Sanchez for $80 mil, and their Closer Valverde was so bad at the end of the year that they did not even use him as a Closer, and they are not interested in a guy who has 76 Saves for the Pirates the last two years? It is probably time that the Pirates just pull Hanrahan back and wait to see if anyone wants to make the first move. That is just negotiating BS from Detroit, and maybe the Pirates are looking too anxious to make a deal. Maybe Detroit is going with O Do Tell as a Closer.

Lee Young

Nah…they got some young fireballer, Rondon, who throws 100 MPH.



Rondon is definitely a kid with a lot of giddyup on the ball, but he had AA success in 2012, but ran into control problems at AAA. Don’t know if he was brought up to Detroit last year, but, IMO, he is the same as Victor Black – great potential. The Tigers are a team of experienced professionals making big bucks, needing an experienced, professional Closer.


i can’t imagine NH wouldve resigned grilli if he didnt think hanny would be traded.

that said, if they can’t get good value for him, there is nothing wrong with keeping the lock down pair of grilli and hanny. the rest of the bullpen is inexpensive enough to make up for the expensive duo.

Lee Young


Stephen Brooks

If they can get a reliable #4 SP for him, I’d still make the trade.

Lee Young

Doubt they’ll get anything for him….they saw him struggle last year.

He got out of shape.

Jeremy Ransom

I’m to the point I hope they just bite the bullet and keep Hanny. They aren’t gonna get much for him, and I’d like to see them have a solid set up/closer combo in place.

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