Where Would the New Prospects Fit in the 2013 Top 50?

The 2013 Top 50 Prospects list is exclusive to the 2013 Prospect Guide, which is now available on the products page of the site. When putting together the top 50 prospect list, I asked everyone on the site for their top 50 prospects. I then created a formula which included weighted rankings based off who saw which prospects, outliers, and the average of the original lists. From there, everyone argued certain players up or down the list, and the best argument impacted the player’s position the most.

Obviously since the book has been released, the prospects added in today’s trade won’t be included. There were two prospect eligible players in this deal who came to the Pirates: Stolmy Pimentel and Ivan De Jesus Jr. I asked everyone involved in the rankings where they would have these two players in their individual top 50 lists. I then added those rankings to the formula to get an idea of where these players ranked. It’s not as comprehensive as the overall rankings, since I didn’t find a specific spot for these two and then have people argue them up or down. It does give an idea of where these guys fall in the system (and for those of you who bought the Prospect Guide, you’ll see the players who surround these guys).

The higher ranked player was Pimentel. He actually had a very similar ranking to Brock Holt in the formula. The formula is designed to give an average ranking, so if a player has a final ranking of 25.7525, he was on average around the 25-26 spot. Holt’s average was only two-hundredths of a point higher than Pimentel. Holt was ranked 26th in the Prospect Guide, although he was moved down in his final rankings due to his limited upside as a utility player. Pimentel ranked in the 21-25 range, and if I were adjusting him I’d have him ahead of Holt, probably no lower than 25.

De Jesus came in ranked in the 31-35 range. I would probably adjust him up, since I feel he fits in the same range as Holt and some of the other bench/utility players who were in the 25-30 range. Adalberto Santos was the only other player in that category, rating one spot behind Holt. De Jesus doesn’t have as good of offense as Holt or Santos, but has better defense. I’d probably have him right there with them, just outside of the top 25.

For the full top 50 list, and reports on every player in the system, purchase your copy of the 2013 Prospect Guide.

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Lee Young

Tim….does that mean DeJesus and Olive Pimento are Tier 4 guys?


Lee,is that olive pimento loaf ?


Thanks for taking the time to do this. Much appreciated.

Lee Young


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