Winter Meeting Notes: Big Moves, Grilli, Jones, McPherson

A few notes as day one of the winter meetings is coming to a close.

**If you’re expecting a big follow up move to the Russell Martin signing, it doesn’t seem like it will happen this week, or possibly at all. Rob Biertempfel has the following from Neal Huntington.

**A few updates on Jason Grilli. Bill Brink reports that the Pirates are looking to bring him back, which backs up what we’ve heard previously.

The Cubs and the Brewers have also been linked to Grilli.

**I wrote about Garrett Jones earlier today, with all of the talk about how he’d be a fit for the Orioles. Rob Biertempfel has an update, saying the Orioles seem to have lost interest.

**Not really winter meeting news, but Kyle McPherson suffered a shoulder injury during winter ball, according to Biertempfel. He made one start, and hasn’t started since.

**Bill Brink has the following note on Joel Hanrahan’s trade value:

That’s a no-win situation for the Pirates. They would have been destroyed if they would have traded Hanrahan in July. Now Hanrahan’s value is down and it doesn’t look like he’ll get a big return.

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La Pirate

I am encouraged the Pirates might be looking for a shortstop as part of a package deal. Barmes could be moved or move to utility role. He simply doesnt hit enough to be a starter on most teams. However, I would be very careful about trading Jones and relying primarily on Sanchez. It would have to be a good deal. Jones had real solid year and PNC park is made for him.


RE: McPherson, one more SP concern and NH says no big moves will be made. I sure hope he is bluffing. We really need a mid-rotation SP like EJax or BMac.


RE: Hanrahan’s value. It was certainly highest last offseason when he had two years of affordable control coming off a dominant 2011. That was the time to cash in for a Jed Lowrie or Josh Reddick.

Brian Bernard

I like Grilli, however he lost some zip on the fastball last year. He was 95-96 the last two years and dropped to 93-94 end of the year… just sayin.

I care nothing about trading Hanrahan. He’s a true fireman and I love him on the team. Pay him. If you don’t like the arb # then work out a longer term deal with the player, he’s been awesome.

Jones just can’t get any love, and that’s a shame because he’s been a really nice player. Let me ask it this way. Has he really lost playing time in RF to Presley, Tabata, or Snider? No, he has not. He should be the starting RF and occassionally spell 1b where he is by far a much worse defensive player. He’s earned the money and the starting nod.


hanrahan was down from 97mph in 2011 to around 95+ last season. just thought i would throw that in for ya.

also, the fireman/closer role is one of the most overrated in baseball. the game last 9 innings, not just 1.


I agree that closer is over valued on most teams.
However, not for contenders. That is where a blown save or two makes the difference between getting in the playoffs or not or once in the playoffs whether a team wins a short series and advances.

Teams will pay to reduce risk of losing in late innings. That is why the Yankees have had no problem paying Riveria and will pay him $10 million in 2013.


Tim: Thanks for the update, and I am glad to hear that they are engaged with the Grilli camp to try to sign him. He has had nothing but top notch success since the Pirates took the chance on him in 2011. He seems like a stand-up guy who felt really at home at PNC and the fans took to him as a result. If you or part of your team is at at the meetings and looking for a nice, reasonably priced bar/restaurant, straight out of the Opryland and straight across and down that street is John A’s. John A. Hobbs is a personal friend of Tommy LaSorda and many of the MLB Umpires. Usually has young up and coming country entertainment also.

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