Baseball America’s 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates Top 10 Prospects

Gerrit Cole is the number one prospect in the system.
Gerrit Cole is the number one prospect in the system.

Baseball America has released their top 10 prospects for the 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates.  The list can be viewed here, and subscribers can read the scouting reports here.

For the second year in a row, Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon rank first and second on the list, respectively. Luis Heredia came in third, followed by Gregory Polanco at fourth and Alen Hanson at fifth. Josh Bell followed at sixth. We’ve got the same players in the top six in our rankings, although the 3-5 order is different. The Pirates once again have a lot of impact talent at the top of their system, so I’d imagine most lists are going to have the same players in the top six.

Kyle McPherson came in at number seven, followed by Justin Wilson at number eight. Barrett Barnes ranks ninth, and Clay Holmes comes in at tenth.  McPherson and Barnes rated in our top ten. Holmes rated in the same tier. We had Wilson ranked 14th overall, so there’s a bit of a difference there.

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Mike Emeigh

Marte isn’t a prospect any more because he used up his rookie status in 2012. BA removes players from the prospect lists once they no longer qualify as rookies.

Mike Emeigh

Sorry, misread the Q, took it to mean that people were questioning why Marte wasn’t a prospect.


Willy Garcia with a better arm than Polanco? Must’ve been a fun outfield to watch in West Virginia.


The write up by Perrotto was terrible. Not only does it have a total of one paragraph about actual prospects (I mean I think this was a write up on the system’s prospects? Silly me) but it has inaccurate information about Nutting ending the SEALS stuff.

Seriously, I thought there would be some info written about prospects 6 to 10 but not a single word.

Lee Young

Who needs BA when we have P2??



It amazes me how a guys like Tony Sanchez and Jeff Locke can be left off of lists like this. I like McFear better than Locke, but they both are battling for the same major league pitching spot, so they are not that far apart. IMO, the Pirates could easily take their top 15 scramble them up any way you want and make any of them part of a top 10.


To be fair Locke with 51 major league IP is 1 inning over the limit of prospect status so he wouldn’t be eligible for the list.

Steve Dimmick

Russell Martin listed as catcher in 2016? No Starling Marte in 2016?

Wilbur Miller

Yeah, but they usually do make some effort to take reality, like age and contract status, into account. There’s no way on earth Martin remains a Pirate in 2016. I just read that as a cheap shot at Tony Sanchez.

Speaking of which, it would’ve been nice to read about the team’s farm system in this feature about the team’s farm system, but Perrotto used the introductory article to rehash all the military stuff, which BA just rehashed in a feature article. I guess Perrotto still hasn’t gotten over Nutting firing him.


Calling that capsule “gratuitous” would be kind.

Steve Dimmick

fill me in on this firing, i was unaware that Perrotto worked for Nutting?

Lee Young

He wrote for Pirate Report, a Nutting enterprise.

Not even sure if it is still around.


Terrible write up by Perotto. Love how he discusses nothing about the players until teh very end. Oh by the way, this system is one of the top 10 in MLB, easily.


When you look at who wrote that list “Perrotto”, you can understand that he left Marte off the list, I thought for a minute that Dejan wrote that column, when look at the line that reads Nutting stopped the Seal training, but left off the fact Nutting okayed the Seal training for 2013..

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