Gregory Polanco and Josh Bell Q&A on

Gregory Polanco
Gregory Polanco held a Q&A with two Pirates prospects, Gregory Polanco and Josh Bell. To read the Q&A, click here. Some of the highlights:

**Polanco mentioned that he’s trying to get stronger, and up to 225 pounds. He says he’s at 220 pounds. He mentioned his goal was to add the “right weight”, which would allow him to add bat speed, arm strength, and velocity on the field. Last year he added weight, and it led to a breakout season. I could see him hitting 30+ homers a year if he continues filling out his tall frame.

**Bell notes that his knee is holding up. He’s been working at IMG Academy, working on strengthening his lower half. He’s doing outfield drills, which is a good sign.

**Polanco was asked about his injury, and noted that he sprained the ankle during the season, and it got swollen again in Florida. That was a controversial topic this off-season. As I mentioned a few months ago, Polanco only had swelling, and wasn’t seriously injured during instructs as reported. That’s what Polanco told me when I talked to him during instructs. That’s the same thing the Pirates have been saying. And now Polanco is saying it again.

**Bell had some struggles at the plate in his brief time last year. He notes that he’s simplified his approach, letting the ball get as deep in the zone as he can, and staying through the ball with a powerful swing.

**Both players model themselves after Ken Griffey Jr.

**Polanco notes that Starling Marte is a big brother to him.

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Can’t wait till several of these youngsters gets to the Burgh.

C Shint

I’m with jg above, I want Polanco in Pittsburgh. I’m with Tim as he fills out Polanco could be a 30+HR guy while still keeping a 20+ SB and solid D, could be a prime time player

Lee Young

Nothing but good news about our two (I think) best hitting prospects!


OK…….NOW I’m excited. I hereby withdraw any prior suggestions I may have made to include either of these guys (or Barret Barnes) in any trades.

When they both said “Ken Griiffey, Jr.”, I just had visions of Spring Training 2015 with McCutchen, Marte, Bell, Polanco and Barnes all trying to find a spot in the OF 🙂

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