Injury Delays Liriano Deal

According to Rob Biertempfel on Twitter, Francisco Liriano’s two-year deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates hasn’t been finalized due to the fact he injured his non-throwing arm. According to Biertempfel, the Pirates continue to talk to Liriano’s agent and no deal is imminent. The two sides initially agreed to a two-year, $12.75 M deal on December 21st.


UPDATE: 4:41 PM An update from Tom Singer of MLB  says that Liriano’s injury was serious enough that he never traveled to Pittsburgh to take a physical. According to GM Neal Huntington, the team continues to have dialogue with Liriano’s agent but there is nothing to announce right now. The original deal is off, but there is still a possibility he signs with team.

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Anyone hear what the actual injury was ? All I’ve heard is that it’s “significant”


For a week I kept referring to him as “Nelson Liriano” who, apparently, is the one who will actually end up having been the one somewhat useful to the club at one time or another.


very nice!

Brian Bernard

OK- Tim, what would it take ($) to sign Bourn? Do you think he signs a 3/4 year deal?
By that time Polanco should project to be ready for the show.
I don’t do twitter but somebody should start the @ #BurghsignsBourn


“Because both Lohse and Bourn rejected qualifying offers earlier this offseason, any team that signs them will be forced to give up a draft pick.” (Bleacher Report)

That takes Bourn out of the running (in more ways than one). That, and would you really want to take time away from Sands, who was a key piece of the Hanrahan deal? Putting on the bench wouldn’t make sense, and you’re not benching Marte…. that, and you might as well see what you have in Snider, since he cost a quality arm in Lincoln.


I honestly don’t think this team can justify having three CFs, one of whom is probably looking to make $15 mil/yr for multiple years.

Granted, he had a 6+ WAR last year, but so much of that is driven by his insane defensive scores (highest in MLB).

I’m not downplaying that, but defense isn’t really our issue, and that price doesn’t really make sense for a great defensive center fielder who can steal 40 bases a year with an OPS in the low .700s, when we already have one of those on the doorstep with Marte, and at minimum wage. (And maybe with a OPS in the low .800s)(maybe)

If Liriano unravels, then the best remaining realistic pitching option for the Bucs is probably Capuano – better 2012 #s (and better 2013 projections FWIW) than most of the alternatives suggested in a various places – Saunders, Floyd, Porcello, even Lhose. And at $6 mil/yr for 2 yrs. Any trade chips left that the Dodgers would want?


i think Lhose is definately off the table. he would cost the pirates their #1 pick in the draft by signing him. and, of course, that pick would go to the Cardinals. double whammy.

Lee Young

Use the money you saved with Liriano, sign Bourn and start Locke and McFear.

Starting rookie pitchers worked for Oakland.

Oh, and bring back Jeff K for depth!


Lee, if I remember correctly, Bourn would require forfeiting a draft pick. I think that runs counter to what teams like the Pirates are trying to do….I doubt they’d sign Marcum/Saunders, because it’s not their typical bounce-back candidate. Lohse has a draft pick attached, too. So… Jeff K it is- for more money than we could’ve had him for months ago!

Starting rookie pitchers worked for Oakland because they had amazing rookie pitchers.


I would forfeit it because the Pirates already have the 9th pick protected for failing to sign Appel. I would risk signing Bound to a 2 year/ $15 mil deal and bring another established hitter and fielder into our lineup.

Face it. The lineup needs someone who can get on consistently. Fans are tired of hearing we have 20 straight losing seasons. Now’ s the time to attack.


i dont think its good enough a reason, the fans being pissy about 20 years, to lose one of the top picks in the draft by bringing in an OF that this team really doesnt need. sure, having a leadoff hitter would be nice, but i think someone like Walker could do an okay job at that. any money should go to pitching help, IMHO


I think Hurdle is too traditionalist to bat Walker at the 1-2 spot. If Marte can show discipline and get on base for Cutch, I’ d forget Bourn was ever a free agent.


Young pitchers will break your heart.


Liriano was going to be our #3 or #4 SP? The Pirates have a LHSP at AAA named Jeff Locke who was 10-5, 2.48 ERA in 24 Starts, 142 IP (Average of 6 innings per game), .215 average against. Also a LHSP named Justin Wilson who was 9-6, 3.78 ERA in 25 Starts at AAA,136 IP (over 5 innings per start), 138 K’s, Average against of .161. Both of these kids have been solid all the way through. How about giving them a chance with fresh arms rather than ask for them to perform after they have pitched themselves out for the year. I think I can cut a deal with their GM and get them both for less than a mil a year.

Brian Bernard

It’s strange that he would either with-hold that information, or it happened when he was celebrating over the size and length of the contract.
Frankly I really don’t want any part of Liriano. I may be in the minority, but I’d like to see both McPherson and Locke in the rotation, day one and stay there. I think they are both going to be very good starters, and mid-season Chuck and Gerrit will be knocking on the door. I also happen to think that Justin Wilson would be scary to face every 5th day…
Save the cash for a bat – make a trade for a significant threat, and use the cash to pay for it. Say a Michael Bourn type at the top of the lineup would look very nice. I’d rather get a player like that and trade players like Snider, Sands, and Tabata or Presley for some good young arms or infield help.
I understand you may not get a Profar, but you may be able to acquire a pretty decent prospect(s) for the left side.

Lee Young

Oh, good. Let’s sign Joe Saunders instead!

MUCH better, imho.

Joel Davis

This sucks. That being said at least we didn’t cut Karstens AND we can still trade Hanrahan for a starter to round out the rotation.

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