Pirates Acquire Jeanmar Gomez From Cleveland for Quincy Latimore

According to Keith Law, the Pittsburgh Pirates have traded outfielder Quincy Latimore to the Cleveland Indians for right-handed pitcher Jeanmar Gomez.


Gomez has thrown 206.2 innings in the majors, with a career 5.18 ERA. He doesn’t have impressive ratios, with a 4.9 K/9, a 3.1 BB/9 and a 1.2 HR/9. Most of his time in the majors has been as a starter, including the 2012 season when he made 17 starts and had a 5.96 ERA. In his time in Triple-A last year, the 24-year-old had a 4.41 ERA in 69.1 innings, with a 7.0 K/9 and a 2.2 BB/9 ratio. Matt Bandi profiled Gomez last year in his Exploring the Arsenal series. The right-hander is another sinkerball pitcher with a high ground ball rate, which the Pirates seem to love.

Gomez was recently designated for assignment by Cleveland last week. His addition is puzzling. He’s out of options and hasn’t put up impressive numbers throughout his career. His stuff doesn’t separate him from any of the other similar pitchers on the roster. My guess is that the Pirates saw something they liked, or the current group liked him from when they were in the Cleveland organization.

Latimore had some of the best raw power in the system, but could never support that power. He had trouble hitting for average, which was mostly due to his plate patience issues that led to high strikeouts and low walk rates. The power was intriguing, but he was unlikely to make it to the majors without fixing those other issues.

UPDATE 5:05 PM: Pirates have made the deal official. The 40-man roster is now at 40. The 2013 payroll page is updated with the move.

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Using the money from Liriano to put towards bourne would be amazing, but you’d have to start dealing some extra outfielders. Tabata would have to be dealt and I’d prefer to have Gabby off the team as well. I’d really love to keep presley around as a 4th OF. If you could deal Snider and Tabata for a decent offensive shortstop that’d be pretty amazing. Hell, if the redsox would take either of them for Ciriaco, i’d take it


II agree with Angus that Barmes is not the problem. He is a good defender and he hit for an okay average if you are out the month of April.

I would trade Tabata for a bag of jelly beans at this point;he looks like a major sunk cost at this point and was horrible at the plate.


i will guarantee you that a decent offensive shortstop would cost us more games than a defensive first shortstop.

once again, Barmes is NOT the problem. the pirates need, and will always need, reliable pitching.

Bourn is not coming to pittsburgh so i have no idea why we even put this nonsense in our skulls.

Brian Bernard

You have a trade here for a MLB capable relief arm, for a not MLB player, minor league depth OF…
It’s a no brainer to add something for nothing – even if he doesn’t work out at all, at least he has some possibility of contributing.

The more Marte plays, wherever he plays, the more I like the idea of him in RF with that cannon, Cutch and Bourn in LF/CF whichever way. That would be a really impressive OF with absolutely no holes to put a ball into. Wow, what speed that would be to cover ground. Marte I think has the raw power to be that RF also.

Lee Young

Would LOVE to have Bourn.

John Dreker

I don’t get this move at all, especially since he takes away a spot on the 40-man roster. They could probably sign ten guys like him as FA’s and NRI them to Spring Training. Why give up a marginal prospect and a roster spot? I’m guessing they remembered him from the Cleveland days


Emphasis on “marginal” with Latimore, who was falling off the radar screen – didn’t even make Tim’s Top 50 this time around.

Still, a plus trade for the Bucs, I think.

FWIW, he had 15-20 starts last year w/Indians, and is projected (by Bill James at least) to put up that range again, with an OK 4.24 FiP along the way (slightly better projection than some other names that have been floated out there like J.A. Happ, Joe Saunders, etc.

Who knows?


I think he has to go on 40 man since Indians had designated him for assignment. Otherwise wouldn’t the Bucs need to put him through waivers?

this looks like a spring training tryout to me (of course he could go if the Bucs need a roster spot).

Lee Young

AAA depth? Does he go on the 40 man?

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