Pirates and Francisco Liriano Still Talking

Jon Morosi has an update on the Pittsburgh Pirates and Francisco Liriano:

Liriano was a risk on a two-year deal prior to his recent injury. I’m not sure that the recent injury would do much to change that. It would only serve as a reminder that he could be considered injury prone. It seems that the deal is in limbo right now, with no guarantees either way.

Earlier this week I wrote about some options for the Pirates if the deal fell through.

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It’s funny–Liriano has great stuff, and consistently has better FIP numbers than his ERA, but the end results have been inconsistent and generally not encouraging. Marcum doesn’t seem to have particularly good stuff, but has usually out-pitched his FIP numbers. I’m not particularly sold on either guy, but if you put a gun to my head, I’d take Marcum’s actual–even as a fly-ball right hander in PNC–over Liriano’s potential.

Lee Young

Pls move on from FL.

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