Baseball America Releases Top 100 List

Baseball America has released their list of the top 100 prospects today and the Pittsburgh Pirates have five players on the list. Only the Cardinals, Marlins and Twins had more with six apiece. Subscribers can view the best tools list for each player.

Gerrit Cole has been ranked #1 on every Pirates top prospect list, Including Baseball America’s list, so it is no surprise that he comes in at seventh place, headlining this strong top-heavy system. Cole is the fourth highest pitcher on the list, trailing Dylan Bundy, Jose Fernandez and Shelby Miller. Cole has the highest ranked fastball on the list(80 on the 20/80 scouting scale), with only one other reliever matching his rating. Cole also has the highest slider rating at 70, with just two other pitchers matching him.

Jameson Taillon comes in next among Pirates, ranked 19th overall, right between Seattle prospect Taijuan Walker and Cincinnati speedster Billy Hamilton. Taillon has a 65 curveball on the scouting scale, ranked below just one other pitcher, Arodys Vizcaino, who missed all of last season with an injury.

Gregory Polanco and Alen Hanson are 3/4 on almost every Pirates top prospect ranking out there, but BA had them ranked below Luis Heredia in their top ten Pirates list released back in January. BA has the three ranked in their top 100, with a twist.  Heredia comes in at #78, below both Polanco at #51 and Hanson at #61.

Last year, the Pirates placed four players among the top 100 on Baseball America. Cole ranked #12, followed by Taillon at #15, Josh Bell at #60 and Starling Marte was #73.

Bell was named on their list of five near misses, saying that only his health concern kept him off the top 100 list.

  • John, RE: the list discrepancy, you have to remember that the team lists are often written by a local guy (Perotto this year or Kovacevic) who use BA input but still supply their own rankings. I don’t know why the Pirates always seem to have this fate instead of having one of the BA experts doing their list.

    Perotto really did a hatchet piece this year spending his entire word limit rehashing hoka hey and bashing the front office. He didn’t even discuss the top 10 system’s prospects.

    • Perotto and Kovacevic really have lost their way, they have this hate-on for the Pirates and it clouds any judgement they might have.

    • I also had Heredia third and his top ten was almost exactly the same as mine. As you said though, the top ten is one person’s list, while the top 100 is based off seven people putting their top 150 together, then averaging them out. There are bound to be differences.
      The top 100 will also rank players closer to the majors higher if they are close in comparison, while top ten rankings take long-term potential into account when comparing players. Meaning, If someone thought Hanson and Heredia both had similar value, then Hanson would be ranked higher.

  • I still think Tony Sanchez is a top 5 or 6 in the Pirates system. IMO catchers are underrated because their catching is not what people are looking at when grading them out, concentrating far too much on offense with a catcher is wrong IMO.
    If anyone is looking for a breakout player this year in the Pirate system Sanchez might be the guy.
    As far as the top 100 is concerned I don’t put a lot of stock in what a lot of publications say about the Pirate system. If you listen to a supposed sports analyst talk on the radio about the Pirates it seems that all they know about the Pirates is they have Cole, Taillon and McCutchen, after that they don’t have much of a clue.