Karstens Sidelined With Sore Shoulder

According to Rob Biertempfel on Twitter, Jeff Karstens missed his scheduled bullpen session today due to sore right shoulder. He will still be able to play catch and soft toss. Karstens told him he is “just being smart” and not trying to get hurt by overdoing it early in Spring Training. Stolmy Pimentel also missed his schedule BP. According to Biertempfel, he was a late arrival to camp.

Tom Singer of MLB.com added right afterwards that Karstens will stay off the mound for a couple days

UPDATE 10:02 AM Bill Brink has now posted on Twitter that the injury is tightness in his right bicep(throwing arm) and no MRI has been taken


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I guess his 60mph changeup is now to fast for him-
may have to crank it down to mid 50’s.


LOL. That’s a solid change though.


He’d be a good pick to put in the new movies fad-remaking of cartoons, if they do the “Looney Tunes” remake-they always had a blooper ball pitcher whose pitch would take so long to get to the plate that the hitter (often a “Bluto” type) would swing 3 or 4 times before the pitch got there!!!


It’s part of the crafty plan to not collapse in July and August–have Karstens hurt now instead of being on the shelf late in the season.

DJ Carozza

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