McPherson Rated Among Top Rookie Pitchers

Fangraphs has released their top five rookie-eligible pitchers and hitters list for the 2013 season. Kyle McPherson was placed second on their list, alongside some big name prospects. Their ZiPS line for McPherson this season has him pitching 126 innings, with a 6.2 K/9 and a 1.6 WAR.

McPherson will battle it out this Spring Training for the fifth spot in the Pirates rotation. He was ranked #9 overall in our Top 20 Prospect list this year. Last year, he pitched ten late season games for the Pirates, three as a starter. He had a 2.73 ERA in 26.1 innings, with 21 strikeouts. Also ranked among the top pitchers are Trevor Bauer(Indians) in the fifth spot and Shelby Miller of the Cardinals is ranked first overall.

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its not known how mcpherson will turn out, if hes a starter or a reliever, but i will give him and the organization a ton of credit for his progression as a prospect.
just 2 years ago, mcpherson was ranked the #49 prospect in the system by Pirates Prospect and hes worked himself up to a potential sleeper. oh, and you know who was #50 ? Tony Watson.


Speaking of Tony Watson, when is he going to get a shot? Bullpen this year?


I was thinking Justin Wilson, sorry.


Justin Wilson is an absolute bulldog on the mound – all he does is WIN. Take a look at his CWS stats when he led Fresno State to the CWS Title in 2008, then look at his regular season 8-5, 4.36 ERA 99K’s/66W’s. He has always been a high walk rate pitcher from day 1, and all he does is win at every level.


I’m seeing both McPherson and Sanchez in our starting rotation and Locke in the pen.

Ian Rothermund

I’ll be happy with the rotation going into the season as long as the final two spots are earned through spring training and not just handed out. Honestly, if Cole’s ready, make him the #4 or 5 man, if McPherson looks to have it figured out, give him the job. I’d say apply that logic to any of them.


IR: Based on the limited time available at ST, most clubs pick 7 possibilities and make sure they get most of the reps regardless of how they are doing. They will start with Burnett, Rodriguez, JMAC, *Liriano*, and then we will see Locke, Gomez, Sanchez, etc. I think the Pirates will play the game of limiting their young guys from starting the year at PNC. I think they will have Cole, Taillon, McPherson, Cumpton, and Irwin as the Rotation at AAA, with the possibility of Gomez and the 2 LHSP’s we picked up on waivers getting starts at AAA also. Locke, Morris, Leroux, and Wilson will be at Pittsburgh to start the season.,

La Pirate

I think McPherson will make the club possiby as reliever if healthy or starter if Liriano is healthy. I dont see Locke making the team as reliever with Watson and probably Sanchez making it two lefties in the pen. I think McPherson’s stuff is much better than Locke but Locke still looks like a very good prospect for at least a number 4 or 5 starter.

Brian Bernard

If that is the rotation in Indy, it may be the most impressive in all of AAA, and then Taillon will join up. Nice.

Brian Bernard

I think ‘ultimately’ he is better suited as a starter, however could be positioned well to be this year’s Brad Lincoln from the pen.
A future that similar to Cris Carpenter, could ultimately see him make his way back into the rotation once he gets further past his arm troubles.


I know Rumbunter has always loved McPherson for his pitchability and work ethic. Does he have the stuff to miss MLB bats?


I would be curious to see some analysis as well.

Lee Young

I hope he lives up to that billing.


I have McPherson winning the 5th spot and Locke going to the pen, the only way Locke goes to Indy would be to keep him stretched out as a starter, but he did pitch in relief last year, so they were not worried about stretching him out at that time.

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