MLB Top 20 Pirates Prospects

Another Pirates prospect ranking has been posted today, this one by Jonathan Mayo of He has posted his list of the top 20 prospects in the Pittsburgh Pirates system, complete with scouting reports on each player. The top of the system ranks similar to almost every other list we’ve seen, although the order from third through six differ slightly. Gerrit Cole sits in the top spot, followed by Jameson Taillon. The next four in order are Alen Hanson, Gregory Polanco, Luis Heredia and Josh Bell.

While there are no surprises among the top ten, the next ten have some interesting placements, including Andy Oliver ranked 12th and Willy Garcia coming in at number 18, just ahead of both Tyler Glasnow and Dilson Herrera.

The biggest difference in placement between this list and Pirates Prospects top twenty, is the inclusion of Alex Dickerson, who comes in at 11th place, 22 spots higher than he placed in the Top 50 list in our 2013 Prospect Guide. His high ranking on is based on the fact Mayo says he has a “good understanding of the strike zone” and he predicts that Dickerson will develop enough power to stick at first base and that power will play well at PNC with the short porch in right field.


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NorCal Buc

I realized NONE of our top pitching prospects have suffered arm injuries, save for Brad Lincoln. Charlie Morton had the TJ surgery, after some time in the bigs.

This must be a conscious developmental strategy by the F/O. Therefore the adherence to a limited repetoire in the low minors, with strict limits on innings pitched.

IC Bob

Even if Glasnow had a 3rd pitch how would we know. In the GC league the Bucs really only stress the fastball.

Lee Young

Glasnow still needs to get a 3rd pitch if he is going to stay a starter. Otherwise, we have a power reliever.



C Shint

Anyone notice the fielding grades for Hanson. Seems slightly above average if he can be 6’s at arm and field then I wouldn’t see why he can’t stick at SS

Ian Rothermund

That’s good to hear. It’s much better than him having the correct mental approach and lacking the physical tools. It just sounds like the issue is more from a lack of experience.

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