Pirates To Extend Hurdle Through 2014

According to Rob Biertempfel on Twitter, the Pittsburgh Pirates will extend the contract of manager Clint Hurdle through the 2014 season, with an option for 2015.


UPDATE 12:29 PM According to Bill Brink, the Pirates are expected to announce the extension sometime this week.

UPDATE 1:28 PM Biertempfel has said that the official announcement will come either tomorrow or Wednesday, when team owner Bob Nutting visits camp.

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Hurdle is a good manager. I disagree with his use of the bullpen early in the season BUT there is no reason to get rid of him. Some of you will argue the Pirate’s moves no matter what, and that’s what I see happening here. Frustrated fans who are just that, fans. You will never understand how it works until you have been on the other side of the fence.


Nutting extended everybody else, so why not the manager?
It is amazing how owners can’t see the forest for the trees.


well, don’t worry … the FO will dfa someone soon and people will forget all about this and grouse about that instead. welcome to the internet — a new day, a new complaint!


I’d rather have the players know that if they played well then Hurdle would stay.


I think this was done to give the players certainty — Hurdle’s well-liked by the guys. Now they know he’s here through 2014.


strange move IMO. I don’t see why lame duck would that be that big of a deal. If that is bad why wait until now to make move? Players are going to say Clint is here for 2 years so I need to pay attention?

If he makes so many bad in game moves why keep him? He has led the team to two good starts and two disastrous lat 6 weeks.

I’m not an overall fan of NH because I think the team should be in better shape by now and I don’t put the original signing of Hurdle and this extension as plus moves on NH’s part.

Lee Young

yeh….we’ve gotten better because of…..????

So who gets the credit?


Without getting into statistics, I want to voice my “take” on the situation.

IMO, NH has given a great effort in terms of attempting to rebuild the system at all levels. IMO, he has succeeded to some degree. Unfortunately, we will always be at a disadvantage, and cannot field a team on-par with some other teams.

Also, I disagree with SO many things Hurdle does. 1. He just loves Clint Barmes and is keeping him in the lineup to save his face, and NH’s, IMO. 2. The use of the bullpen is beyond frustrating at times. He leaves in guys who don’t have it on a given day sometimes. 3. He tries to win the game in the 5th and 6th innings WAY too much. How many times did he pull a starter performing well at 65-80 pitches only to use a weak pinch hitter? It is with the goal of finishing the game in the 6th and using his Hughes, Grilli, Hanrahan bullpen. I disagree with this approach, particularly when your starter is absolutely dealing and has no less than a full inning to two left, even if you are highly concerned with pitch count.

On the other hand, he has done a phenomenal job of changing the mentality of the locker room, and motivating this team. A different tone has been projected from the players, to the media, etc. Although some of this is because of roster changes, I find it hard to believe that Neil Walker and Andrew McCutchen are at their best because of Gaby Sanchez. I would also give some credit to the developmental leagues/system, as even those who don’t perform necessarily well, (Hauge, D’Arnaud, etc.) have contributed in a very positive way to the team in some way or another.

ALL of that being said, Clint Hurdle has done as fair of a job as anyone can with this roster, IMO. Enough of his questionable calls, at least in my mind, work out somehow and in my view, he comes out ahead. I am happy to see the extension, and I just hope that he can continue to improve us.


They keep Barmas in the line up because they never have to wash his uniform.

Brian Bernard

Your post lost me at we will always be at a disadvantage. Sorry, not buying that song.
This is a proven and capable way of competing at the MLB level. Better decision making will help, and of the past few years I think with confidence I can agree that improvement has been made; not just in record, but with better transactions from NH.
The club signed 3 of the top 50 free agents this year – and in positions that matter significantly.
The young players are not just arriving – they are contributing. More are coming.
I’m pleased with the progress of the club. It’s significant improvement in play as compared to teams of the last two decades.
I think Hurdle was a big part of that, and I may not agree with his every move – but I respect the man to make his choices and in the end I think he gets where he wants to get to. I believe in that kind of manager, I believe in Hurdle.


If only we could have Hurdle as the team motivator and hire another manager for the in-game decisions. This could work.




If you disagree with so many moves that Hurdle makes, why would you want to extend him? Facts are he has not done a good job with this roster, he does not even use all of it, I don’t see how anyone can say he does not have the players, for 2 1/2 months they were close if not the best team in baseball, you have to have talent to do that, you can play over your head once in a while, but not for over two months in the majors. He is a motivator that is for sure, but when you go to the whip on the first turn, you might as well throw the whip away going down the stretch.


Hurdles’ WARM (Wins Above Replacement Manager) is too low for my taste. His peripherals suggest he relies too much on clutchy numbers like GPFA (Gradations of Purple Faced Anger). His CIFEI (Community Involvement and Fan Engagement Index) is very high, however. Depending on the numbers, this deal is sort of “meh” for me.

Lee Young

Love the “WARM”.



Brian Bernard

Post of the year! And in ST no less, nice.


Haha! Love the WARM stat! We could have waited until the end of the year to see if we had another epic collapse to re-sign him.


Managers are like players, there are low tier, mid tier, upper tier, Hurdle to me is a mid tier manager, far to many bad moves for my taste, bad moves cost teams games, an upper tier manager would cost the Pirates about 4 or 5 mil, they probably would not go that route. Managers can’t win games, but they can lose them.

Lee Young

Leadoff….I’m not sure I’d put Hurdle as high as a ‘mid tier’ manager.

He’s a great clubhouse guy, but as soon as he steps on the field, he becomes brain dead.

Maybe its all that bubble gum??? πŸ™‚


If I would have put him at low-tier I would have been putting him in Russell’s class and I am not here to rip him just to rip him, but I think he is head and shoulders above Russell.

Lee Young

Russell is in a ‘class by himself’.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Not in favor of this extension, I know he needs time, but managers don’t change much, he is not a good manager for the long haul. I still think he should shoulder a lot of the blame for the collapse the last couple of years, he simply won’t play his 25 man roster, unless he changes his philosophy he is going to do it again this year.

IC Bob

I don’t blame Hurdle for not playing everyone. He has had a short roster since he has been here. Its pretty standard to extend a manager in the final year of his contract unless your pretty sure he is a goner. I am glad Pittsburgh extended him.


Short roster doesn’t cut it. Rod Barajas 321 AB. He should have been fired. He won’t give young players a chance, no matter how much his crappy vets suck.


Not really a big deal. We avoid having the “lame duck” manager for this season and if things don’t go well we eat one year of a contract.

I don’t like the collapse part because I veiw a collapse in baseball terms as when a true contender falls apart. The Pirates certainly fell apart but were never true contenders. It was regression to the mean not collapses. Then again that is really just semantics.

Hurdle has managed this club the last two years to basically what its talent level said it should be if not actually slightly better. That deserves at least not being a “lame duck”

Lee Young

That’s the ONLY thing that makes sense….avoid the ‘lame duck’ season.

Other than that…….

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