Pittsburgh Pirates 2013 Minor League Camp Schedule

On Monday, pitchers and catchers will report to Spring Training. Not long after that, major league camp will start. Shortly after major league camp starts, minor league camp will begin. The schedule and important dates for major league camp are well known, but the minor league camp schedule and dates are harder to find. For those of you who will be going over to Pirate City in your trips to Spring Training, the schedule below will tell you what to expect when you’re there.

Important Dates

February 22nd – Staff Reports

February 24th – Early Camp Players Report

March 3rd – All Players Report

March 4th – First Workout

March 29th – Altoona breaks camp

April 1st – Indianapolis, Bradenton, and West Virginia break camp

Minor League Schedule

All games start at 1:00 PM. Home games are played at Pirate City. Camp days typically feature practices, and an inter-squad game around 10:00 AM. Short season players usually play an inter-squad game on a daily basis.

March 10th – CAMP DAY

March 11th – CAMP DAY

March 12th – CAMP DAY

March 13th – 3A/2A vs PHI, 1A @ PHI

March 14th – 3A/2A @ TOR, 1A vs TOR

March 15th – 3A/2A vs NYY, 1A @ NYY

March 16th – 3A/2A vs TOR, 1A @ TOR

March 17th – 3A/2A @ NYY, 1A vs NYY

March 18th – 3A/2A @ PHI, 1A vs PHI

March 19th – 3A/2A vs PHI, 1A @ PHI

March 20th – CAMP DAY

March 21st – 3A/2A vs TOR, 1A @ TOR

March 22nd – 3A/2A vs NYY, 1A @ NYY

March 23rd – 3A/2A @ NYY, 1A vs NYY

March 24th – 3A/2A vs TOR, 1A @ TOR

March 25th – 3A/2A @ TOR, 1A vs TOR

March 26th – CAMP DAY

March 27th – 3A/2A @ PHI, 1A vs PHI

March 28th – 3A/2A vs PHI, 1A @ PHI

March 29th – 3A/2A @ NYY, 1A vs NYY

March 30th – CAMP DAY

March 31st – CAMP DAY

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Tim – Thanks very much for the info. Where do TOR, PHI and NYY play their minor league camp games? I have been to Pirate City and understand it’s a great facility compared to others. (?)


Thanks, I guess I should have been more specific. Do you know the addresses of the minor league camps where they play the games? I am assuming they do not play at their regular minor league parks (e.g. McKechnie); but maybe they do?

Lee Young

I’m feeling warmer already.

B rrrrrr Foo


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