Pittsburgh Pirates 2013 Minor League Spring Training Roster

I just received a copy of the Minor League Camp roster, listing every player who will be participating in the minor league portion of Spring Training. Only a few players have reported to camp so far, with March 3rd being the deadline for all players to report.

* = Left Handed

# = Switch Hitter

Number in Parenthesis = Age


Alderson, Tim (24)
Baker, Nathaniel * (25)
Beckman, Ryan (23)
Benedict, Matthew (24)
Breedlove, Lance (22)
Brewer, Colten (20)
Bromberg, David (25)
Burnette, Jacob (20)
Cadet, Martires * (22)
Campos, Luis (22)
Castro, Orlando * (21)
Colla, Michael (26)
Colon, Roman (33)
Cooper, Jordan (23)
Creasy, Jason (21)
Cumpton, Brandon (24)
De Leon, Emmanuel (22)
Del Rosario, Melvin * (21)
Diaz, Axel (22)
Dodson, Zachry (22)
Espinosa, Roberto (21)
Foster, Zachary (26)
Friend, Dalton * (22)
Fuesser, Zachary * (22)
Glasnow, Tyler (19)
Grullon, Adrian (20)
Hafner, Ryan (21)
Harlan, Thomas * (23)
Haynes, Kyle (22)
Heredia, Luis (18)
Hernandez, Jimmy (21)
Herrand, Yhonatan (21)
Hollingsworth, Ethan (26)
Holmes, Clayton (20)
Hurst, Hayden (19)
Inman, Jeffrey (25)
Jagoditsh, David (22)
Jefferson, Michael * (23)
Kasparek, Kenn (27)
Kilcrease, Nathaniel (23)
Kilcrease, Robert * (24)
Kingham, Nick (21)
Kleis Jr., Kevin (21)
Kuchno, John (22)
Lee, Wilson * (21)
Lodge, Jackson * (19)
Lopez, Cesar (21)
Lopez, Jovani * (22)
Lopez, Porfirio * (23)
Ludwig, Patrick (23)
Lukashevich, Alex (19)
Medina, Jhondaniel (20)
Miller, Quinton (23)
Montero, Joan (24)
Navarro, Elecier *(25)
Neverauskas, Dovydas (20)
Otamendi, Andy * (20)
Perez, Clario (20)
Pevny, Logan (21)
Pimentel, Cecilio * (20)
Poreda, Aaron * (26)
Poytress, Joshua * (22)
Pribanic, Aaron (26)
Ramos, Jhonatan * (23)
Rocha, Oderman (20)
Rodriguez, Joely * (21)
Rosario, Miguel (20)
Rowland, Robby (21)
Sadler, Casey (22)
Sampson, Adrian (21)
Sanchez, Angel * (20)
Sanchez, Isaac (20)
Sanfort, Jonathan (18)
Santiago, Christian (22)
Sanz, Luis (25)
Singh, Rinku * (23)
Smith, Josh * (23)
Thornton, Zach (25)
Townsend, Jason (24)
Trepagnier, Bryton (21)
Turgeon, Erik (26)
Valiquette, Philippe * (26)
Von Rosenberg, Zachary (22)
Waldron, Tyler (24)
Wang, Wei-Chung * (21)


Arribas, Daniel (20)
Child, Dylan (21)
Cutler, Charles * (26)
Diaz, Elias (22)
Diaz, Francisco # (23)
Emsley-Pai, Kawika # (24)
Gonzalez, Samuel (24)
Hornback, Ryan (21)
Ivany, Devin (30)
Jhang, Jin De * (20)
Mathisen, Wyatt (19)
Perez, Miguel (29)
Schwind, Jonathan (23)
Stallings, Jacob (23)
Valesente, Dave (24)


Allie, Stetson (21)
Aponte, Francisco # (22)
Avila, Eric (22)
Barrios, Yhonathan (21)
Brown, Kelson (25)
Carvajal, Jodaneli # (21)
Crumlich, Douglas (23)
Cunningham, Jarek (23)
Curry, Matthew * (24)
Diaz, Christopher (22)
Dickerson, Alexander * (23)
Espinal, Edwin (19)
Farrell, Jeremy (26)
Gamache, Daniel * (22)
Gonzalez, Benjamin (23)
Gourley, Walker (21)
Hanson, Alen (20)
Herrera, Dilson (19)
Lakind, Jared * (21)
Larish, Jeff (30)
Lashmet, Christopher (24)
Maggi, Andrew (24)
Montilla, Ulises (21)
Moroff, Maxwell # (20)
Ngoepe, Mpho “Gift” # (23)
Osuna, Jose (20)
Ozuna, Carlos # (19)
Ponce, Ashley (22)
Rider, James (23)
Ross, Kevin (19)
Singer, Kirk (23)
Steranka, Jordan * (23)
Valdez, Alex # (28)
Vallejo, Enyel (21)
Vasquez, Andy # (25)
Welch, Stefan * (24)
Wood, Eric (20)


Barnes, Barrett (21)
Bell, Joshua # (20)
Carroll, Brett (30)
Chambers, Evan (24)
Escobar, Elvis * (18)
Fortunato, Raul (22)
Fuselier, Alex * (23)
Garcia, Willy (20)
Grovatt, Daniel * (24)
Howard, Justin * (25)
Lambo, Andrew * (24)
Lewis, Taylor * (23)
Mesa, Carlos (25)
Myles, Candon * (20)
Polanco, Gregory * (21)
Ramirez, Harold (18)
Rivera, Maximo (20)
Rojas Jr., Mel # (23)
Santos, Adalberto (25)
Sosa, Junior * (22)
Tejeda, Oscar (23)
Urena, Luis (20)
Vasquez, Jesus (21)


-Derek Trent and Gavi Nivar aren’t on the list. Trent recently retired, and Nivar is now a coach.

-Enyel Vallejo is a relatively new name on the list. He’s only seen one plate appearance in the DSL. He had a contract issue last year, which delayed his signing. He’s described as an extremely athletic player with a lot of energy. The Pirates decided to bring him over to the US to see what he can do, which makes sense as he’s 21 years old.

-A few players are making the jump from the international leagues, although there’s no guarantee that they will stick in the United States. The players I noticed: Melvin Del Rosario, Adrian Grullon, Jovany Lopez, Cecilio Pimentel, Miguel Rosario, Angel Sanchez, Christian Santiago, Danny Arribas, Ulises Montilla, Carlos Ozuna, Enyel Vallejo, Maximo Rivera.

-In the last two years the Pirates aggressively promoted their top international signing to the US. Luis Heredia jumped straight to the GCL in 2011, and Harold Ramirez and Elvis Escobar made the jump to the GCL in 2012. The top signings from the 2012 period, Julio DeLaCruz and Michael DeLaCruz, aren’t on the Spring Training list. That doesn’t mean they won’t make the jump to the US. Axel Diaz wasn’t on the Spring Training roster last year, but made the jump to the GCL. But that is rare. It’s also rare for players to completely skip over the international rookie leagues and go right to the US. Ben Badler mentioned that Julio will start in the GCL and Michael will likely start there. So they’ll either be late additions to Spring Training, or will go the Diaz route and join the team during extended Spring Training.

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Are there any online podcasts of Pirates baseball available anywhere?


On the radio today, Brownie said that Polanco now weighs 204 lbs. If the 2012 stat sheets are correct, that would be a nearly 30 lbs. weight gain since last spring. A) Is it true? B) did the gain take place gradually or suddenly over the winter? C) is it all muscle?

Allyn Weimer

How has Stetson Allie been progressing since the move to third base


Tim, do you have access to the 2013 Minor Lg camper number assignments? I will be traveling to Bradenton in a few day, and want to be able to know who I am watching (as minor lg player don’t have their names sewn on their jerseys).




Jim – they usually have roster sheets available where you enter Pirate City as well as in the middle of the diamond complex. They are alphabetized with uniform #.


Tim Alderson is only 24? Wow, I would have guessed 27 by now.


During his brief stint in AAA last season he was the youngest player on the Indians roster. That is why there is still the tiniest bit of hope for him.


Where do you think Poytress will start the season?


Thanks for the wealth of info. When will we know whether Josh Bell can walk again?

Wilbur Miller

Bell worked out over the winter with McCutchen, Walker, and Alvarez at IMG Academy, which is a sports fitness outfit.

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