Travis Snider Picked as a Breakout Candidate

Baseball Prospectus released a list of nine breakout candidates, with each writer picking one player to have a breakout season in the majors in 2013 (h/t Rumbunter). One of the breakout candidates was Travis Snider, who looks to be the favorite to win the starting right field job.

Hudson Belinsky picked Snider as his breakout player, noting that the outfielder “could have a very strong year ahead of him in 2013”. Belinsky noted that the physical ability is there for Snider, and that he maintains the abilities that made him a top prospect.

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Brielle Schlittler Reicks

I was impressed by the way he didn’t drive the ball and looked totally lost at times.

I don’t expect much from him and that is based on what I saw last year. Its like the FO picked up a copy of Baseball Prospectus and couldn’t resist when he became available but didn’t bother actually watching him play.


That and 6 bucks will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Ron Loreski

I was really intrigued by this guy last year. This guy grounds out to 2nd better than anyone I’ve ever seen!


In order for this team to break .500, much less make playoffs, we need the team on base % to improve. I was kinda underwhelmed by Snider in 2012, but I hope he and Starling Matte can be solid hitters at the top of the order for Cutch, GI Jones, and El Toro.

Nuke Laloosh

We have to hope that Snider and one other player has a breakout year. At least there appears to be options if say Sands or Robinson proves to be a player. They can play first or right field or let GI Jones play right.

Allyn Weimer

It would be awesome if 1 or more of the former prospects we brought in would have a breakout year. We have been taking chances on Wood, Paul, millage, and now Sanchez, Snider, and Sands.

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