Inge, Morton, Liriano and Karstens to DL

  • I presume this means they didn’t have to lose Clint Robinson, right?

    • With Morton’s timetable, there is no reason he couldn’t have been put on the 60 day DL, so no they didn’t have to lose him. I would say at best, they get an extra 1-2 weeks out of Morton now without putting him on the 60 day DL. The loss of Robinson could very well mean nothing in the long run, but you won’t know now what he could do here. They have plenty of other similar options in the minors (Hague, Sands, Curry, Dickerson), but still, if they don’t expect either Morton or Liriano back anytime soon, why lose a player over a possible 1-2 weeks. Pick who is further behind with those two in their progress, and put them on the DL.

      • It could be possible they just didn’t think highly of him after they saw him. Robinson was a very early Spring Training cut and he plays a very crowded position for them, with zero major league success. Even in the majors, his spot is crowded. I could see why they wouldn’t feel they have a need/place for him, but I can also see they gave him up for almost no reason. It’s double-sided. I don’t mind losing him, but give me a better reason. I’m also not big on Inge being with the team, so that part is a little hard to grasp too. He seems like he is done as a player and it doesn’t help that he is currently injured