Keith Law Releases His Top 50 Draft Prospects

Keith Law has released his top 50 draft prospects for ESPN Insider subscribers. Some of the notable rankings:

**Mark Appel is first overall.

**The Pirates pick 9th and 14th. Law has Jon Denney at 9th, and Kohl Stewart 14th. Denney is a high school catcher, who Law calls “a good-throwing catcher who receives well, hits and hits for power.” Stewart is a prep pitcher who throws 90-94 and has a commitment to be a quarterback at Texas A&M.

**Law has former Pirates pick Jason Hursh ranked 29th overall. Hursh was taken in the 6th round in 2010.

**There are a few players who were consistently in the 9-14 range in other rankings, but who Law has lower. Those players include Jonathon Crawford (26), Reese McGuire (28), Colin Moran (30), and Oscar Mercado (34).

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Just a hypothetical at this stage. If the first 8 picks went according to Law’s list, who would you take at #9 ? If you took, say Moran, at 9, and moved Denney to 10 and so on down the line, who would you take at 14?


If I have to hear about ANY more people talking about pitchers i’m going to barf. WE NEED POSITION PLAYERS!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to hear anything about anyone other than catchers, shortstops, and third baseman. The end.


Not the NFL man, you don’t draft for need because these players won’t be in the lineup in August. Look at the attrition rate of pitchers and try telling me they shouldn’t stockpile arms.


(I will do this comment in Y2JGQ2-style) No. You take the BEST AVAILABLE PLAYER REGARDLESS OF POSITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to hear anything about anyone other than every good player coming into this draft.


I would rather take the best player available if that can be determend and pitchers like Cole and Taillon are not going to be with the Bucs longer then the first day of free agency or traded before for a ss or catcher IF a quality pitcher is ready to take their spot.


Wouldn’t mind getting Stewart at #14 . He’s considered to be arguably the best prep pitcher in the draft. As for Denney, I think he’s very good but I just don’t see why people have him as high as 9th. I definitely think he’s a 1st rounder just not a top 10 and definitely not ahead of McGuire.


Stewart would be a good get I think (and Law’s write-up of him today is pretty impressive), but a very tough sign it sounds like. It sounds like McGuire has the shiny tools (power, arm) but Denney is more well-rounded.

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