Pirate City Notes: Jameson Taillon and A.J. Burnett Starting Today

The Triple-A and Double-A teams are home for the second day in a row. Today they’ll be going up against Toronto’s farm system, and the highlight from a prospect standpoint will be Jameson Taillon getting the start for the Double-A team. Over on the opposite field, A.J. Burnett will be getting the start for the Triple-A squad. Garrett Jones will also be in camp, getting at-bats between the two games. The lineups, pitchers, and notes are below.

Triple-A (Home)

Lineup: Andrew Lambo (9), Oscar Tejeda (4), Tony Sanchez (2), Clint Robinson (3), Jerry Sands (7), Matt Curry (DH), Matt Hague (DH), Brett Carroll (8), Jeremy Farrell (5), Alex Valdez (6)

Pitchers: A.J. Burnett, Roman Colon, Erik Cordier, Philippe Valiquette, Zach Foster

Notes: The Triple-A squad is starting to shape up. There are still some more moves from major league camp that could impact this roster. For example, the backup infield battle will probably push Jeremy Farrell and Alex Valdez out of the lineup. The backup outfield battle will probably push Brett Carroll to the bench. All of the relievers today have been going one inning, which means Burnett will probably be going five innings.

Jameson Taillon is starting in the Double-A game today.
Jameson Taillon is starting in the Double-A game today.

Double-A (Home)

Lineup: Gift Ngoepe (6), Mel Rojas Jr. (8), Jarek Cunningham (4), Stefan Welch (5), Jacob Stallings (2), Carlos Mesa (9), Kelson Brown (7), Justin Howard (3), Chris Lashmet (DH)

Pitchers: Jameson Taillon, Stolmy Pimentel, Eliecer Navarro, Jason Townsend, Quinton Miller

Notes: I could see Taillon going four innings today, with Pimentel going two and everyone else going one. It’s interesting to see Miller in the bullpen after throwing two strong innings a few days ago.


Lineup: Alen Hanson (6), Dan Gamache (DH), Taylor Lewis (8), Jose Osuna (3), Eric Avila (5), D.J. Crumlich (4), Jonathan Schwind (2), Jordan Steranka (DH), Walker Gourley (7), Junior Sosa (9)

Pitchers: Jason Creasy, Orlando Castro, Josh Poytress, Clario Perez, Joan Montero, Lance Breedlove

Notes: The lineup for this team has been very similar at the top this week. Alen Hanson has been leading off almost every game, and playing short. Dan Gamache has been second, and when he plays he’s at second base. Gregory Polanco got the day off today, but he’s been batting third and playing center field most often. After that it’s usually some combo of Jose Osuna, Willy Garcia, and Eric Avila, with all three having power potential. Should be a fun group to watch in Bradenton this year.


Lineup: Jodaneli Carvajal (6), Jimmy Rider (4), Josh Bell (9), Barrett Barnes (DH), Stetson Allie (3), Eric Wood (5), Samuel Gonzalez (2), Luis Urena (7), Raul Fortunato (8), Jin-De Jhang (DH)

Pitchers: Tyler Glasnow, Josh Smith, David Jagoditsh, Bryton Trepagnier, Cesar Lopez

Notes: Tyler Glasnow will be getting his first start of the year on the road. So far Josh Bell and Barrett Barnes have been playing every day with the low-A group. That’s not a surprise with Bell, but is somewhat of a surprise with Barnes. He was a top college hitter, considered a late first round talent. The Pirates added him with a compensation pick. I don’t think it would be disappointing for him to start off in West Virginia, but you’d like to see him in Bradenton by the end of the year, with a look to starting in Altoona in 2014 if the numbers are there.

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noticed a name i had forgotten about in the AAA lineup. Andrew Lambo, what is his ststus? How has he looked, does he still have some ML potential or is he pretty much going to top out in AAA

Steve Zielinski

Barnes again plays with the A- team.

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