Pirate City Notes: Solis, Waldron, Relievers, Watson, Mathisen, Allie

The Pirates are playing the Yankees over at McKechnie Field. Here at Pirate City, the Pirates are playing the Yankees minor league teams. The A-ball teams are home today, featuring a lot of interesting hitting prospects. A group of hitters just came over from McKechnie, so they’ll probably be jumping in to take at-bats each inning. I saw Ali Solis in uniform, so it looks like he’ll finally be getting into some action this afternoon. Tyler Waldron will also be starting the high-A game. The lineups, pitchers, and notes are below.


Lineup: Darren Ford (8), Drew Maggi (4), Clint Robinson (3), Tony Sanchez (DH), Matt Hague (5), Jerry Sands (DH), Andrew Lambo (9), Jeff Larish (7), Alex Valdez (6), Devin Ivany (2)

Pitchers: Tyler Waldron, Hunter Strickland, Tim Alderson, Nate Baker, Jeff Inman

Notes: Tyler Waldron is starting the Triple-A game, but he mentioned yesterday that he’ll be starting the year in Altoona.


Lineup: Gift Ngoepe (6), Mel Rojas Jr. (8), Jarek Cunningham (4), Stefan Welch (5), Carlos Mesa (DH), Charlie Cutler (DH), Justin Howard (9), Dan Grovatt (7), Chris Lashmet (3), Kawika Emsley-Pai (2)

Pitchers: Matt Benedict, Quinton Miller, Jhonathan Ramos, Kenn Kasparek, Zach Foster, Porfirio Lopez

Notes: A few of the relievers are already to the point where they’re throwing back-to-back days. Miller and Foster both threw yesterday. Now that Tony Sanchez is in Triple-A, Charlie Cutler has been moved down to Double-A, where I think he’ll be the backup.

Tony Watson will be starting today at Pirate City.
Tony Watson will be starting today at Pirate City.

High-A (Home)

Lineup: Alen Hanson (6), Taylor Lewis (7), Dan Gamache (4), Jose Osuna (3), Willy Garcia (9), Wyatt Mathisen (2), Eric Avila (5), Junior Sosa (8), Jonathan Schwind (DH), Ashley Ponce (DH)

Pitchers: Tony Watson, Ryan Hafner, Pat Ludwig, Kyle Haynes, Lance Breedlove, Jhondaniel Medina

Notes: Tony Watson will be making the start today, pitching in his first game since February 28th, and only his third game this Spring. Gregory Polanco is out of the lineup for the second straight day. I’m not too concerned, since I saw Polanco doing normal fielding drills this morning. UPDATE: Just received word that Polanco is going over to McKechnie today to get his Minor League Player of the Year award. He’ll also be a minor league backup in that game. It’s interesting to see Wyatt Mathisen remaining in the high-A games. I don’t think he’ll start the year with Bradenton, but I could see him with West Virginia. I expected Elias Diaz to move down and start taking playing time from him in high-A at this point. Then again, if we’re only looking at things from a legit prospect standpoint, it would make sense to have Diaz in Double-A, Mathisen in high-A, and Jin-De Jhang in low-A, giving them the most opportunities to catch games this Spring. Today will be the first day I’ll get to see Jhondaniel Medina, who was acquired for Yamaico Navarro.

Low-A (Home)

Lineup: Max Moroff (6), Dilson Herrera (4), Barrett Barnes (8), Stetson Allie (DH), Josh Bell (9), Luis Urena (7), Jared Lakind (3), David Valesente (2), Eric Wood (5), Raul Fortunato (DH)

Pitchers: Joely Rodriguez, Tom Harlan, Axel Diaz, Yhonathan Herrand, Martires Cadet, Wilson Lee, Roberto Espinosa

Notes: This is a really interesting lineup to follow today. Pretty much every hitter has something about him that makes him an interesting prospect to follow. Some obviously stand out more than others (Herrera, Barnes, Bell). I was asked how Stetson Allie looked on Twitter. So far the results haven’t been good. He’s looked over-matched, striking out a lot. I mentioned the other day in a podcast that I don’t see him making it past A-ball as a hitter. He hasn’t done much to change that opinion.

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How has Jimmy Rider looked thus far? Living in Ohio, I was able to see him play a few times last year and again during the college world series. I haven’t seen his name mentioned other than in the lineup one time.

Andy Zibuck

Bah, I should have asked it here, sorry for the double post:

How did Watson do, and *look*? What exactly is wrong with Tony Watson? It may not be time to panic, but two weeks from OD, I think it’s time to worry. Did he get Steve Blass Disease? What are the “mechanical” and what are the “physical” issues? What is his timetable? Will they bring Wilson north in the bullpen or do they want him to keep starting? Will they bring two lefties is Watson can’t go?


In that draft, the Pirates hit the mark on Numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, and 16. “Nuke” LaLouche, or Stetson Allie as we know him, has some major issues. Could be his arm is shot, could be he just does not have the drive it takes to compete at the professional level, or he could just be a head case. The Pirates picked the triple-digit arm and they are simply allowing him to get frustrated at hitting and realize that his future in professional baseball is as a pitcher. Sooner or later he will get the message – hopefully he will not wait until he is hitting HR’s on the Slow Pitch Softball Tour. Taillon, Kingham, Waldron, Cumpton – nope, I do not miss Allie.

Ian Rothermund

I like your thoughts on the matter. How frustrated must the Pirates have been while dealing with him initially asking to be moved to the field? I don’t see why a guy like that couldn’t just go as a two-way player while in rookie ball. That’s what he would’ve done in college.


I don’t think he was asking them to be moved. I think they weighed their options and made the decision.


IR: It is all the same at this level whether hitting or pitching; if you do not have confidence in your ability you will not succeed. It is not enough to throw 100 – command is essential. Most important measurement is the distance between the ears, and how you put that to good use. Some never get there, but the 4 pitchers selected with him in that draft will all see PNC, and not just from the seats. The hitters of Mel Rojas, Jr and Matt Curry are doing pretty well also.


I don’t want to see Allie back on the mound. He couldn’t hit the side of the barn. now he is lost in the batter’s box and not much of a fielder either. safe to say he was a wasted pick and i doubt he lasts the year with the organization.


He may well be a wasted pick but since they’ve already paid for him they should try to salvage something of use. He’s not the first HS pitcher with severe wildness – break down his mechanics & start over, limit him to fastballs and sliders, bullpen only. From Tim’s reports he has no shot as a hitter.


Tim – Doesn’t it make much more sense to put Allie back in white pants & just work on 2 pitches so he can at least have a chance to be a setup man? It sounds like he has almost zero chance to make it as a hitter. If he’s released in a few years I’d be willing to bet the claiming team converts him back in a heartbeat. Hate to see $2MM+ flushed away so quickly.


i know allie was having cotrol issues, but he seemed to give up on pitcher rather quickly

Ian Rothermund

Is it driving anyone else insane to keep seeing anything but “P” next to Stetson Allie’s name in the line up card. Man, I wish I had some exceptional physical gifts that I could be wasting right now…


Yep, well said, he and his Dad are ruining any chance at a career. Get out of his head and let him work his way back as a short reliever. he even said he wanted to close when he was drafted. Let him just attack hitters with that nasty velocity, wildness.

Sean Epstein

If Allie flames out as a hitter will they give him another shot on the mound or has that ship sailed?

Wilbur Miller

Is Dickerson hurt? Seems like he hasn’t played in a little. The AA lineup is anemic enough as it is.

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