Pirates Acquire Another Minor League Catcher

Troy Snitker, left, talking to Dave Valesente.
Troy Snitker, left, talking to Dave Valesente.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have traded for another minor league catcher. This time it’s Troy Snitker, who was acquired from Atlanta for cash considerations a few days ago. So I guess technically, Brian Jeroloman is the “another catcher” since Snitker was added first.

I saw Snitker this morning at Pirate City. He was mostly spending time in the bullpen, warming up pitchers. He was drafted by Atlanta in the 19th round of the 2011 draft. He’s spent most of the last two years in rookie ball, combining for a .230/.317/.372 line in 183 at-bats. He made a few appearances in low-A and high-A, but only for a combined four games. Snitker will stay in extended Spring Training, meaning he’ll probably be depth for the games down here before the short-season leagues start.

I’ve mentioned this a few times in the last week, but the Pirates have been short on position players in the extended Spring Training group. Prior to this move they had four catchers, and if you’ve ever been to Pirate City, you’d see that there’s a need for more than this. Today, for example, there were three catchers warming pitchers up in the bullpen, not to mention the four catchers who were playing in the games. There will be less of a need when the full season teams break, but there will still be a need for catchers.

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This could be a sign on one of the draft picks this year. Either denney or McGuire shoukd be available at 9.


Yeah!!!! Count me in favor of either guy. Personally, I’m hoping for 2 of 3 of a C, SS (J.P. Crawford) or a LHP (Ziomek, Manaea, or one of the preps).

Ian Rothermund

I’d prefer that pitcher that throws 101 on the 130th pitch of the game.


Love those black hats with the yellow bill.
If Huntington arrives one year earlier the Pirates have Weiters, not getting Weiters is biggest mistake the Pirates have made in the last 20 years IMO. Bring on the catchers we need to develop catchers and 3rd basemen in the system.


Huntington doubled down on the Weiters deal in 2009 when he blew up the whole stinkin’ draft for a back-up catcher.

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