Pirates Cut Six From Major League Camp Including Cole and Irwin


Gerrit Cole was cut from major league camp today.
Gerrit Cole was cut from major league camp today.

The Pittsburgh Pirates cut six players from major league camp today. The team optioned RHP Phil Irwin to Indianapolis. They also reassigned RHP Brooks Brown, RHP Gerrit Cole, LHP Kris Johnson, C Ali Solis and RHP Kyle Waldrop to minor league camp. The Spring Training tracker has been updated. There are now 43 players left in camp.

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Any news on the AAA and AA games yesterday?


okay, thought maybe you were with them at Phillies yesterday, thanks!


Tim – still not willing change Pie’s or Goedert’s colors to yellow on the ST Tracker? No chance?

(If you do go in to change it, can you accidentally change Inge to red 🙂

La Pirate

Aside from the arbitration clock the issue should be does Cole or someone else give us the best chance to win? We expect Cole or Jameson to struggle some,. I just as soon see cole struggle early this season rather than a midseason call up followed by struggles.. i also think Presley is the best 4th outfielder option regardless if he has a minor leage option. bottom line, the best 25 go north, period.

joe g.

So you would have Cole start the season in Pittsburgh and be ok with the Pirates losing a year of control? I don’t think that’s a good move for any major league club whether they are small or large market.


Yes, its not just “arbitration clock” it a whole year of control if you send him down for two weeks. I brought this up early, but he could even be the #5 SP and be sent down to gain a full year coming up in mid April. There really is no reason to give away a year to have him sit in the dugout in early April.

Stephen Brooks

That’s shortsighted. Presley and Snider both bat lefty, both play the same position, and for a 4th outfielder who might get 8-10 PA/week the net difference in impact between them in the early going will be negligible. You want that lefty OF bat in Indy just in case of injury.

The reality is they’ll both play a part on this year’s ML team. The Bucs will use between 30-35 players before the trading deadline. If you keep Snider, at least you have the flexibility to respond when the season plays out.

With respect to Cole and Taillon, both still need innings against upper-level competition, Taillon especially. He was battered by the Yankees yesterday.

Cole still gives up too many hits – even in AA his WHIP last year was 1.3. Give him 15 starts in AAA to consistently dominate, and learn how to pitch (the stuff already plays), and he’ll be making an impact when it counts.


Taillon Battered?
In his first inning he only needed seven pitches, although one of those was a hard hit ball right to the left fielder. He needed 13 pitches in the second inning, including a strikeout looking on a very nice curveball against the leadoff batter. He was more up in the zone in the second, and had one pitch that was hit hard and one hopped the wall, but went foul.

Taillon ran into control problems in the third inning. With a runner on first, the right-hander issued two straight walks. He gave up a single through the hole past a diving Gift Ngoepe at short, which brought in two runs. The inning was rolled with Taillon at 22 pitches, ending his day.
He did not throw very many curves or changeups, mostly working on his fastball, read nothing into this start. Taillon like Cole and every other pitcher in the Pirates minor league system needs some work or they would not be there.
Giving up 2 runs is hardly battered!

Stephen Brooks

Sorry, maybe I should have just said “hit hard.”

Andy Zibuck

This seems as good a spot as any to ask: What exactly is wrong with Tony Watson? It may not be time to panic, but two weeks from OD, I think it’s time to worry. Did he get Steve Blass Disease? What are the “mechanical” and what are the “physical” issues? What is his timetable? Will they bring Wilson north in the bullpen or do they want him to keep starting? Will they bring two lefties is Watson can’t go?


Agree with sending all the players too AAA that the Pirates sent down.
I don’t think anyone of them could have avoided being sent down with their performances good or bad. Reading anything into why the Pirates or any other team for that matter does what they do is tough to figure out, Locke trying to make the team as a 5th starter pitches out of pen. One could read that McPherson has the inside track and they want to see what Locke would do out of the Pen.
I would not be surprised to see the Pirates make a deal in the next week or two for a veteran backup catcher, I know they are out there looking.


Quite a bit less outrage over Irwin being demoted after facing a AAA Yankee lineup yesterday and getting crushed.

Lee Young

Surprise Kris J was sent down so early.

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