Pirates Cut 11 Players, Including Jameson Taillon

The Pittsburgh Pirates have made their first cuts of Spring Training. So far they have cut four players today, with those players being Hunter Strickland, Vic Black, Matt Hague, and Clint Robinson. That could be all for now, but no word on that yet. I’ll update this when more information becomes available.

UPDATE 8:00 AM: Add Duke Welker and Stolmy Pimentel to the list of cuts. Nothing has been officially announced yet. There could be a few more, but the clubhouse is closed right now for a meeting.

UPDATE 8:04 AM: Erik Cordier also appears to have been cut. Also Lucas May.

UPDATE 8:53 AM: The Spring Training tracker has been updated. Bookmark that link to keep track of the players in camp throughout Spring Training.

UPDATE 9:39 AM: The Pirates have officially announced the moves. Also added to the above list of players are Jameson Taillon, Darren Ford, Anderson Hernandez, and Jerry Sands. Lucas May has NOT been cut, to correct the earlier report.

The complete list:

Optioned to Triple-A

Vic Black

Stolmy Pimentel

Clint Robinson

Jerry Sands

Hunter Strickland

Duke Welker

Reassigned to Minor League Camp

Erik Cordier

Darren Ford

Matt Hague

Anderson Hernandez

Jameson Taillon

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Several of these players are on the 40-man. Are they cut from the 40-man or just optioned? I’m wondering if this opens up some opportunity for the non-roster invitees like Inge or Cole…


Why make any moves with Taillon at this time? does it slow his progression to be with the major league team for another couple of weeks? The Pirates get accused of nursing their players along, this is why. You would think Taillon would benefit by pitching against better players in the next couple of weeks, then I could see assigning him to the minors. I would think for his ego this is a blow to be one of the first cuts, the Pirates are saying no matter what you do you are not making this club and if we have players that are not better they are still going to make this club before you do.


Nah – Cole’s closer so he should stay and oppose MLB stuff ’til the last cut, coz he’ll be back in a few months. I think it’s OK for Taillon to get down and get more AA/AAA reps now, as he is coming up later.

That final round of cuts should include guys who have at least a reasonable shot at showing up on the MLB roster in 2013 (other than some random September call-ups), i.e. they should get more MLB ST reps.

Taillon is likely a September call-up at best or (for sure) Opening Day ’14 guy, so (believe it or not) it may actually be more important, in terms of Opening Day 2013 decision-making, to give some of his MLB ST time over the next couple of weeks here to (gulp) Sanchez, Gomez or maybe Oliver – to try to see if they have anything there – in the limited time they have left to make decisions.

Taillon’s an absolute given, and I can guarantee that neither he nor the Bucs view him exiting in the first round as anything negative at all.


Thanks for the reply, putting it the way you have makes a lot of sense, glad to hear that Taillon understands the situation.

Todd Smith

Taillon has 3 games above the single A level. Of course he wasn’t going to make the team out of camp. That would be ridiculous.

I’m more surprised at Jerry Sands going so soon. I would have thought they would take a longer look at him for an option in one of the bench spots.


Yeah, I would have given another week or two of MLB reps to Sands, Robinson and maybe Black & Welker (though Tim said Welker had a shoulder tweak, so….), and I would have cleared some space first by sending down Harrison, Waldrop, Mazzaro instead.

And, frankly, I would also do a favor to Inge and Hawpe by releasing them immediately – I don’t think they are better back-ups than what we already have in any way, and it would give them a chance to get in front of a few other clubs before ST ends.


He knew he was going back to minor league camp as all of use also knew it, the post was about the timing of it.

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