Pirates Rank Seventh in Baseball America’s Organizational Rankings

Baseball America has released their organizational talent rankings today, measuring the talent in each team’s farm system. They release a top 30 list in their annual Prospect Handbook, although that usually sees some changes before the web edition comes around. The Pirates didn’t actually see a change between the two versions, ranking seventh in the book and seventh today.

Subscribers can read an in-depth capsule. BA has Vic Black listed as a sleeper, and Kyle McPherson and Gerrit Cole as options who can help the team in 2013.

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One change that MLB could make is to base the draft order on market size instead of won/loss records.
Since large markets always have the permanent advantage of being able to buy the best free agents they should always have the lowest picks which they usually do but if a small market team gets somewhat good for a period of time they end up picking lower and by not being able to replenish their system with high picks when their best players leave to become free agents they once again fall down in the standings and have to start over again from square one while the large markets just buy the players the small teams lost.


Not a bad concept. How would you do it though? Couldn’t really do it by salary…a bigger market team who sucks (looking at you, Cubs) might just start shedding salary like crazy to try and get under other teams.
What I actually wouldn’t mind is if there was something like a draft pool where the revenue sharing $$ went directly. So rather than giving the $$ from that towards the teams, it would go towards higher draft bonuses so they could spend more in the draft. Not really sure how to explain that further, but something along those lines.


It can be based on population or earnings that is pretty simple. MLB knows what teams are worth so teams couldn’t just shed salaries.
A draft pool doesn’t fix the problem it just throws more money at the problem.
What I’m suggesting is giving a permenent draft position based on size of the market so that even if that small market team wins the world series the next draft they would still draft at that same slot. even if it’s no.1. The point I’m trying to make is that big market teams have permenent advantige in that they rely acquiring top talent through free agency because small market teams have a permenent disadvantage in free agency.


What if they were to combine both the win/loss record and the amount of money spent the previous year when deciding draft order. The least spending 15 teams in the mlb will always get the 1st 15 picks except they’re just ordered by win/loss. The same would be done for the last 15. This way small teams that cant get big f/a names or can’t afford to resign their best players will always get early picks but will evenly be ordered by record. Plus, big market teams won’t always have to have late pick. If they’re smart with their money, not signing players to mega deals, they can easily get an early pick. Just a thought.


What started me thinking about this was the Pirates situation.
This year they are drafting 9th after drafting close to No.1. As they hopefully get better they get further away from No.1. The problem is the Pirates cannot sustain their success because they can’t afford to keep their players and when those players opt for free agency the Pirates slide all the way back down and have to start all over again which can take a decade or more while a rich club just signs the Pirates free agents. If the Pirates can maintain their high picks while they are getting better they can replace those quality players they are losing with quality players if they draft well. It is the only way to have competative balance for small market teams.


It is nice to be ranked 7th, but it does not mean super stars are going to be coming to the Pirates left and right, it is an indication of talent and that is it.

Ian Rothermund

Look around the league, the only teams that can bring together a team with several super stars, dirty dozen style, are the big market teams. The Yankees, for instance, buy several expensive free agent pieces, then supplement that with their own home grown talent. The key for the Pirates going forward is going to be having those few stars that they’ve acquired via the draft, then attempted to develop a team of average to slightly above average players. Part of the problem over the years has been only having one or two decent players, with the rest of the roster barely deserving to be out of AA.


Since 2009 the Pirates have used their minor league system quite a bit. They have brought up McCutchen, Walker, Alvarez, Marte, Locke, Presley,Tabata, Harrison,Hughes, Watson, Leroux. Traded 3 prospects for Rodrigez, traded One prospect for Snider. Traded one for Gomez, Used one prospect in the Hanrahan deal, used 2 prospects in the Sanchez deal, just to name some of the deals that involved the minor league system.

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