Pirates Release Brad Hawpe

Brad Hawpe has been released.
Brad Hawpe has been released.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have granted Brad Hawpe his unconditional release today, cutting camp down to 36 active players. Hawpe didn’t really have a shot at making the team, and it seems that he didn’t want to go to Triple-A. He wouldn’t have had much of an opportunity there, since the Triple-A outfield is starting to look crowded.

The Spring Training tracker has been updated.

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Throw Sanchez into the green, put McPherson in the red, move Harrison into the green, move Inge into the red, move Leroux into the green. Locke is pitching for a spot this afternoon.


don’t know about inge, veteranosity and all.

Dom DiDominic

Think that both Snider and Tabata can both safely be green on the ST Tracker?
Both are locks to make the team.


I watched Hawpe at ST and it boggled mind that he got the playing time he was getting when a blind man on a galloping horse could tell he had no chance, he could not hit and he could not field, who was he going to beat out? Guys that needed reps were not getting them.


actually the players that he was taking ABs from were and are seeing plenty of reps in not only MLB games but minor leagues and “B” games as well. now if he were on the roster in April, then he would be definately blocking better players.

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