Pittsburgh Pirates 2013 Minor League Lineups

I’ve been piecing together the minor league starting rotations, as well as the starting lineups. I’ve confirmed the rotations and the lineups with people in the Pirates’ front office. There are still some things that could change, specifically in this case with Clint Robinson being claimed. For the most part things are set. Below are the lineups, and the rotations can be seen here.


Catcher – Tony Sanchez

First Base – Matt Hague

Second Base – Ivan De Jesus Jr.

Shortstop – Jordy Mercer

Third Base – Jared Goedert

Left Field – Alex Presley

Center Field – Felix Pie

Right Field – Jerry Sands

Designated Hitter – ???

Notes: Originally Clint Robinson would have been in the mix here, with Robinson and Hague sharing first base. Robinson was claimed today by the Toronto Blue Jays, and there are a few guys in the mix for his spot. Matt Curry is a possibility, but not a guarantee. De Jesus and Mercer will switch back and forth, with both getting time at shortstop. Presley and Pie will both get time in center field. Hague could get some time at third base. Darren Ford and Brett Carroll will be the backup outfielders. Oscar Tejeda and Alex Valdez should also get some time off the bench.

Alex Dickerson will be getting time in left field in Altoona this year.
Alex Dickerson will be getting time in left field in Altoona this year.


Catcher – Carlos Paulino

First Base – Matt Curry

Second Base – Jarek Cunningham

Shortstop – Gift Ngoepe

Third Base – Stefan Welch

Left Field – Alex Dickerson

Center Field – Mel Rojas Jr.

Right Field – Andrew Lambo

Designated Hitter – Adalberto Santos

Notes: Altoona’s roster is going to be crazy. I wrote about that earlier today, but here is the rundown. Curry will play primarily at first base, with Alex Dickerson getting time in left field. Curry could play left, and both could get time at DH. Stefan Welch could get some time at first base and DH. Adalberto Santos could get time in left field, second base, third base, and DH. Andrew Lambo could also get time at first base and DH. And all of this could change, depending on how the Clint Robinson situation plays out.


Catcher – Jacob Stallings

First Base – Jose Osuna

Second Base – Dan Gamache

Shortstop – Alen Hanson

Third Base – Eric Avila

Left Field – Taylor Lewis

Center Field – Gregory Polanco

Right Field – Willy Garcia

Designated Hitter – Carlos Mesa

Notes: Jacob Stallings will split time with Elias Diaz, but Stallings will get more playing time. Eric Avila will begin the year getting most of the time at third base. Chris Lashmet could get some time there. I’m glad I’m covering this team this year.

West Virginia

Catcher – Wyatt Mathisen

First Base – Stetson Allie

Second Base – Dilson Herrera

Shortstop – Max Moroff

Third Base – Eric Wood

Left Field – Raul Fortunato

Center Field – Barrett Barnes

Right Field – Josh Bell

Designated Hitter – Walker Gourley

Notes: The speculation that Josh Bell will start the year in extended Spring Training isn’t accurate. Raul Fortunato and Walker Gourley could split time in left field. Jonathan Schwind has also been spending some time in left field recently, and I could see him getting some playing time. The rest of this lineup should be consistent, and a fun group to watch.

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Tim,would you agree that the Curve won’t be as bad offensively as it appeared it might be over the Winter ? As a long time season ticket holder there,I am perfectly aware of the long term goals of the Minor League system,but I sure hated sitting through some of the offensive dreck I saw under the Littlefield regime and it’s aftermath !


Tim – How set is the Bradenton lineup? I have season tickets behind the visitors dugout with my son and he is anxious for the season to get started.


I’m glad to see you have the same excitement about the Bradenton team as I do. Why is Barret Barnes starting out in WV instead of Bradenton? Wouldn’t that be nice to see him in CF between Garcia and Polanco?

dr dng


As I may have told you in the past, I don’t know much about this stuff, but I did get around to see games at 3-4 different levels each of the last three years including MLB.

So here is the question. Would you like to speculate what level will the Pirates or their affiliates win the highest percentage of games?

Last year, it was Indyt. What team will it be in 2013?


I’d imagine that sort of thing is difficult to predict, given transitory nature of the rosters.

Of course W-L obviously aren’t particularly a priority in the minors anyway. I’d guess the most fun teams to watch would be WV (with Barnes, Bell, Mathisen, Herrera, Glasnow, and eventually Heredia) and Bradenton (with Polanco, Garcia, Hanson, Osuna, and Kingham).

Brian Bernard

What happened to Drew Maggi? Has he lost his spot to Cunningham or Gift?

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