The Pirates Have a New International Player at Pirate City

Bealyn Chourio
Bealyn Chourio

I was over at Pirate City yesterday watching batting practice, when I noticed a left-handed hitter I had never seen before. The hitter was making strong contact, and crushing a few pitches. I had no way of identifying him, since he was wearing a red shirt, meaning he was injured. I also didn’t recognize him.

During his last round, I heard someone call him “Chourio”. Adenson Chourio? He hasn’t been in the system since 2010, and would be 26 now. Plus he was 5′ 9″, and this guy was bigger than that. I figured it was a new player brought over from the DSL that wasn’t on the Spring Training roster, since I didn’t have a player named “Chourio” on my list.

After practice I checked on the name: Bealyn Chourio. You’ll find him on page 127 of the 2013 Prospect Guide. You just won’t find any information on him outside of his numbers. That’s because there was never much information available. Chourio signed in April 2011, which isn’t when interesting prospects usually sign. He had 90 at-bats in 2011 in the Venezuelan Summer League. He appeared in two games in the DSL in 2012, but didn’t have an at-bat. That was all that was available.

After watching him hit today, I wanted to get more information. I don’t usually make a lot out of a few batting practice swings, but I talked to Wilbur and got another positive report. Wilbur has been at Pirate City the last few days, and had this to say on Chourio:

I’ve seen Chourio take batting practice several times in the past few days.  He’s been hitting the ball hard more consistently than any other player I’ve seen, squaring up on nearly every swing.  He’s a switch hitter and has also shown good power from the left side.  During drills he’s been taking grounders at short, but doesn’t seem to be throwing, so the injury may be an arm problem of some sort.

I checked around and got the back story on him. The Pirates signed him for $30,000. He was 5′ 10″, 140 pounds when signed. He shot up in the last year. The media guide has him at 6′ 0″, 167 pounds, although I got reports that he’s closer to 6′ 3″, 200. After seeing him, he probably falls somewhere in the middle of the media guide and those reports. The growth isn’t a surprise, since I’m told that Chourio’s entire family is tall. The reason he missed the 2012 season, and the reason he is a red shirt now, is because he had Tommy John surgery last year. He hurt himself playing winter ball in Venezuela in the 2011-12 off-season, and had the operation in 2012.

Chourio turns 19 in March, and only has 90 professional at-bats. The Pirates only have him in Bradenton to work on his rehab. After Spring Training, the plans are to send him back to the Dominican Republic, continue his rehab there, and get ready for the DSL season. Obviously it’s hard to say what his upside could be. He’s a tall, skinny, athletic switch hitter who plays shortstop and makes strong contact with the bat. Those are all good things, which makes him nothing more than another interesting international hitting prospect to follow in 2013.

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These are the guys you have to take a shot with in order to get the next Marte/Polanco/Hanson. Always a numbers game, sign 10 and hope for one good one.

George Hareras

Maybe put Heredia in there too. Although he was pretty highly touted if I’m not mistaken


Yes, he was more of a wonder child & brought up to the US soon after signing. By the way, I saw him at Pirate City last week & he’s grown some more – every year it seems like one inch & 10 lbs. Polanco also looks bigger/taller as does Bell.

Kevin Webster

I had the good fortune to see Heredia (and get an autographed ball) in Batavia last summer when he was with State College. He’s giant compared to the rest of the team. He worked well too, giving up 1 earned over 5 innings. 8 hits, 3 K’s, no walks. Here’s the box.

Steve Zielinski

Bell reportedly weighs 240 and Polanco 220. Both hit the weights over the winter.


Tim: Nice catch – folks around the game can see and hear the swing and impact and know they are seeing something distinct; it is the same as watching a fielder catch and throw a ground ball – some just stand out immediately. He will play all of this year as a 19 year old switchhitting SS who is estimated at 6’2″ 190, and he only cost us $30,000? Nice stuff. Could very well be one of the many who may end up a 3B because they grew out of the SS mold.


Geez, I got excited and thought it would be one of the big ticket De La Cruz’s. Any word on them or where they will play in 2013?

Steve Zielinski

We can’t have too many players like this in our system. Who cares if TJ surgery and a growth spurt suggest that Chourio may be better suited to play secondbase. Consistent, hard contact plays anywhere!


If you were any kind of scout you could predict how he’s gonna throw before he throws.

PS – is it pronounced Bee-lyn or Bell-in or Beel-in?

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