First Pitch: Open Writing Position at Pirates Prospects

I decided to take the night off from doing any analysis on the team in this article. I took my dad to the Penguins/Lightning game for his birthday, and when I got home I started working on tomorrow’s articles. I’ve also got double coverage tomorrow, with an extended Spring Training game at 1:00 PM, and a Marauders game at 6:30 PM. So look for a lot of coverage throughout the day tomorrow.

I did want to take a moment to post a new writing position at Pirates Prospects. We are looking for a writer to cover the Indianapolis Indians this season. Nancy Zinni has covered the Indians for the site over the last few years, but unfortunately has to take a break from writing this year.

I’m looking for someone who is in the Indianapolis area, and who can provide weekly coverage of the Indians. At the least I’d like to have one live game covered per week, plus a weekly notebook with insight on the team. If you’re not in the Indianapolis area, but you live in a town where the Indians play road games, feel free to send in an application. To apply for the position, send an e-mail to with the following information:

-Why would you be a good addition to the site? I get a lot of requests to write for the site, so what could you provide that would separate you from other writers?

-What is your availability for game coverage?

-What is your previous experience (include links to published content)?

The following is very important:

-Great work ethic and independent workers

-Strong grammar/spelling

-Good statistical knowledge, including an understanding of advanced statistics

-The ability to come up with original and interesting topics

-Leaving emotional biases out of the work

-Twitter and social networking experience

I get inquiries all the time about writing for the site, even when there’s no position posted. Most of those are for major league coverage, which we have filled. I will say that being a Pirates fan is not a requirement for the job. In a lot of cases, that’s the only qualification given, and in those cases I remove the application from consideration. At this point in time I believe we have at least two Cubs fans writing for the site. And one person who thinks the “Go Cubs Go” song is kind of catchy. But I won’t say who that last person is. The point I’m trying to make is that I’m less focused on who you grew up cheering for, and more focused on your qualifications.

This is a good opportunity to gain experience and exposure. Pirates Prospects is fully credentialed with every outlet in the system, from the majors to the lowest levels of the minors. Last year the site had 7.5 million page views, and 3.5 million unique visitors. This year we’re on pace for 10-15 million page views and about 5-7 million unique visitors.

Last time I posted positions on the site, I took my time with the process. That was for several reasons. I had a lot of other things going on at the time, and the season hadn’t started yet. I’m not going to rush this process, but it will be a top priority in the short-term. Since Bradenton is on the road early next week, I’ll probably be reviewing most of the applications no later than Monday.

Links and Notes

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First Pitch
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No need to be a Pirate fan to write about the Pirates. Doesn’t explain why you would want to though.

Lee Young

Pls give my thanks to Nancy, also. I loved her writeups.


Kerry Writtenhouse

I can appreciate that. I’ve wrestled with this since you posted it, but it would be tough since I work 6 days a week.


Hey Tim, I am originally from Pittsburgh, now work and live in East Tennessee, but I can point to Indianapolis on a map – does this exclude me from consideration? Just kidding, and my compliments to Ms Zinni, who I think did a nice reporting job over the years. I am sure you will find a capable replacement.

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