Jonathan Sanchez Moved to the Bullpen; Jeanmar Gomez Will Start Wednesday

Jeanmar Gomez will start on Wednesday. Photo credit: David Hague
Jeanmar Gomez will start on Wednesday. Photo credit: David Hague

According to Michael Sanserino and Rob Biertempfel, the Pirates will move Jonathan Sanchez to the bullpen and have Jeanmar Gomez start on Wednesday.

Biertempfel adds that Sanchez will have an appeal for his suspension on Friday.

Gomez will likely only make one start in the rotation before Francisco Liriano returns from the disabled list. My guess is that Vin Mazzaro will back him up in long relief, since Gomez probably isn’t stretched out to go longer than 4-5 innings.

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Nathan Swartz

Did anyone but me already know in the 1st inning that Gallardo would homer tonight? How many times has he homered against us? Jezzus I hate it when we play there.


He should be forced to finish the last 5 2/3 innings of this blowout…. even if it takes him 200 pitches.


Why are they waiting to DFA Sanchez? He has become an incompetent pitcher and a move to the bullpen will not make him competent.

Is he a better reliever than Bryan Morris? No. The Pirates should be worrying more about having the best 25 on the roster than loosing a guy who had success 2-3 years ago. And clearly, Morris makes the bullpen stronger than Sanchez.

If he can become a competent bullpen arm, he needs to earn it in triple A, not on two meaningless spring training starts.

Question: If the Pirates were to send him down, does he go through waivers? Can he opt for free agency? In either case, I cannot see another team claiming him or signing him to the major league roster, therefore, the Bucs would probably have a good chance to retain him.

Question 2: Tim, I have seen you suggest that some very good relievers started as failed starters. While I generally agree, I think Sanchez is so far beyond failed starter that he has no chance to be effective anywhere. My question, Is there any evidence that moving to bullpen will aid in Sanchez’s control problems?


Should the Miller Park problem persist and the Pirates prove to be completely horrible there again Jonathan Sanchez is exactly the pitcher I want throwing.

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