Jose Contreras Set to Join the Pirates on Friday

Jose Contreras is set to join the Pirates on Friday.
Jose Contreras is set to join the Pirates on Friday.

According to Rob Biertempfel, the Pirates plan to add Jose Contreras to the roster on Friday.

Contreras threw an inning in relief this morning with Indianapolis, which came shortly after throwing back-to-back days on Saturday and Sunday. So basically he’s ready for the workload that comes with pitching in the Pittsburgh bullpen these days.

The Pirates designated Jonathan Sanchez for assignment today and called up Bryan Morris. It’s likely that Morris is only up to help out the bullpen over the next few days before going back down for Contreras.

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Matt Beam

Thank you, Morris just bailed Vin out of a big time jam after giving up the lead… Contreras up, Morris stays, Mazzaro down, Gomez back to long relief – please Neal

Matt Beam

agree or how about Vin Mazzaro, tonight we score at least 8 freaking runs and may lose because of of the JMac and Vin show

Why does Hurdle not give Morris more of a chance?

JMac better get things in gear soon, otherwise Charlie Morton or Gerrit Cole will be coming to take his job


Jared Hughes would be a better candidate to be sent down to Indy than Bryan Morris. Why wouldn’t the Pirates want Morris in the bullpen? Probably the same reason why Jordy Mercer is in Indy & not in the bigs. At this point, it’s not like we have to worry about Super 2 status with these guys. Bring ’em up & let ’em play Neal!

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