Pirates DFA Jonathan Sanchez, Recall Bryan Morris

Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez has been designated for assignment. Photo credit: David Hague

The Pittsburgh Pirates have designated Jonathan Sanchez for assignment and have recalled Bryan Morris. The move is likely to be a temporary one for Morris, for reasons I listed in last night’s First Pitch. The club will have Jose Contreras, Francisco Liriano, and Charlie Morton returning in the next few weeks.

Contreras just threw an inning in Indianapolis today, after throwing back to back days over the weekend. I’d expect him to be added to the club later in the week.

Liriano made a rehab start today, throwing six shutout innings. I wrote today that he looks like he could be added to the rotation no later than May 11th.

Morton is probably 2-3 starts away from returning.

The players who are most likely to leave the roster now are Vin Mazzaro, Jeanmar Gomez, and Morris. One of those three could stick around if Jared Hughes continues to struggle, as Hughes has an option and can be sent to Triple-A.

As for Sanchez, he will have to clear waivers, which is almost certain to happen. If another team were to claim him for some reason, they would assume the rest of his salary. If he clears waivers, he can decline an outright assignment to Triple-A, so there’s no guarantee he sticks around in the system.

The move opens a spot on the 40-man roster, although that spot will probably go to Jose Contreras later in the week.

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Mark Penn

Isn’t it nice to see the Bucs with enough talent to cut bait when they find themselves with a player that really doesn’t belong? After 20 years of glorifed batting practice pitchers it is nice to see.


Toronto claims him. Calling it now.


Pretty sure both Mazzaro and Gomez still have options. If Sanchez is smart he will stay with the Pirates. No one will take on the rest of his salary, and the Pirates gave him a shot. I think he still has decent stuff, but has no control. Could still pitch someday.


Neither Gomez or Mazzaro has options left.


He is throwing well right now, can’t locate his pitches, the minor leagues would do him some good, however his agent I am sure is calling around, he might even get a call from a Japanese team.
We don’t know for sure if the Pirates are going to keep him, would be smart on their part to do so.
The Pirates probably have been working on trading him, so I doubt whether the 10 days makes much difference.
Who is going to trade with the Pirates if they can get him for nothing.


Morris looks like he is going to be the guy getting the frequent flyer miles this year for the Pirates. I think they like Gomez and I don’t know if he is going anywhere very fast. I think Hughes is more likely to go than him. Mazzaro has done very little to get sent back also.
Does Mazzaro or Gomez have options or do they have to dfa them?



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