Pirates Option Bryan Morris to Triple-A, Call Up Vin Mazzaro

Bryan Morris is going back to Triple-A.
Bryan Morris is going back to Triple-A.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have purchased the contract of Vin Mazzaro from Triple-A Indianapolis and have optioned Bryan Morris to Triple-A.

Morris threw three shutout innings last night in his 2013 debut in the majors. However, the bullpen has been overworked, and the Pirates need relievers. So far this season, Mazzaro has thrown seven shutout innings in relief for Indianapolis, with a 9:1 K/BB ratio. His last appearance came on Friday when he threw two shutout innings after Kyle McPherson was removed early for giving up seven runs in 1.2 innings. So Mazzaro looks ready for Pittsburgh.

You can understand the move here. The Pirates need bullpen help. Morris won’t be able to throw for a few days because he went three innings last night. But once again Morris isn’t getting a real shot in the majors, despite the fact that he looks ready and has done nothing but pitch well in his limited experience in the big leagues. Hopefully one day soon he’ll get a real shot, rather than just being used as a depth option.

The Pirates had an open spot on the 40-man roster, so no corresponding move needs to be made for Mazzaro.

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All Morris does is pitch well. They should just release him, since they seem determined for him to never succeed. This is just asinine.


Given our problems with starters, I don’t see carrying 6 outfielders when we could add another bullpen arm.


I would have sent him down, he can’t pitch for 3 days and the Pen needs everyone it can get that can pitch tonight, especially figuring that Santana is not going to go that far tonight, heck, I might have sent McDonald and Santana down and brought up 2 more guys for the Pen, seems to me if the Pen is going to pitch from the 2nd or 3rd inning on, might as well start the games too, at least we might get to the 3rd inning still in the game.
All kidding aside, the Brave series is going to take a lot out of this Pen, Morris and anyone else they can get up here is going to be needed, I don’t think Morris has to worry about getting his shot, he is going to get a lot of them soon. Until the starting rotation has all its parts in place the Pen is a priority. They will need Karstens, Liriano, Morton in a very short time. No Victor Black sightings yet, he might get his chance too.


Morris only has to stay in the minors for about a month for the Pirates to gain a year of control, right? If they like his long-term potential, then they need to gain that year before calling him back up (and then let him stay in the majors).


Do you think NH is concerned about years of control for a 26 year old reliever, who at this point doesn’t seem to be in the line of progression to become a closer? I’d want the best bullpen I could possibly have now (barring starting the arb clock on someone like Cole or Taillon). I mean, why possibly weaken the 2013 bullpen in order to maintain control over a reliever for 2018?


Difficult to tell if he’s not getting a real shot. I mean they could put someone on the DL tomorrow (McDonald?) and bring him right back.

Really not sure until they get through this awkward stretch of 2 inning outings from the starters.


Good point on Twitter, totally wasn’t thinking Irwin had only been down two days. Guessing can only bring one of the two up so guessing it would be Irwin unless they really prefer Morris and went with Oliver to spot start.


They would just need someone on the DL to get around the 10 day rule is all. No idea if that would happen but if McDonald is hurt that would be my prediction.


Could easily send Mazarro back for Irwin and Morris for McDonald.

Merely semantics but I doubt Mazarro is in Pittsburgh that long. Really just need him a couple days.

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