First Pitch: Should Jose Tabata Be the Everyday Right Fielder?

Jose Tabata has been better against right-handers than Travis Snider so far. Photo Credit: David Hague
Jose Tabata has been better against right-handers than Travis Snider so far. Photo Credit: David Hague

So far this season the Pittsburgh Pirates have been using Travis Snider most of the time against right-handers. However, when a lefty is on the mound, Snider is on the bench. On the season Snider has just eight plate appearances against lefties. Guys like Jose Tabata and Brandon Inge have been getting the starts in right field, with Tabata being the go-to guy, and Inge only starting during a time when Tabata was hurt.

Even though the Pirates are going with a platoon role, a case could be made for Tabata to be the everyday right-fielder. Snider has a .287/.356/.404 line in 94 at-bats against right-handers so far. Tabata has a .340/.426/.489 line in 47 at-bats against right-handers. Tabata went 1-for-3 against left-hander Erik Bedard tonight, while Snider went 0-for-2 against right-hander Jose Cisnero.

In each case you’ve got a small sample size. Tabata’s success is only in 47 at-bats, while Snider is posting decent numbers in twice the playing time against right-handers. There’s also a disclaimer with Tabata’s numbers. He’s been a streaky hitter throughout his career, going on extreme hot streaks, only to bring his numbers down with an extended cold streak. His success so far could be just another hot streak that won’t be sustained.

The problem here is that you need to give Tabata a chance. His numbers might be the result of a small sample size. They might be just another hot streak that won’t last. But if you don’t give him a shot to prove that wrong, you’re not going to ever get to a point where you can be comfortable with his numbers.

Tabata and Snider are both in the same situation. They were former top prospects who have struggled in their time in the majors. Tabata is six months younger than Snider, so they’re both around the same age. They both have struggled to hit for power in the majors, and at this point their value seems to be a number two hitter with good on-base skills (although Tabata is hitting for power against right-handers in a SSS this year). So there would be no reason to prioritize one over the other, unless the priority went to the hot bat.

I’m not sure that Tabata should be handed the starting job in the way that Starling Marte is the starting left-fielder. But I do think Tabata should start seeing increased time against right-handers, taking about two-thirds of the overall playing time in right-field while his bat is hot. If the bat cools down, or if Snider’s heats up, adjust that playing time accordingly.

The Pirates have been getting great offense from Marte, Andrew McCutchen, Russell Martin, and the first base platoon. They’re already getting OBP from the right-fielders, which is great for the number two spot, and makes the top of the lineup look strong. If Tabata can continue these numbers, he could only increase that production from the number two spot, which would only be a bonus for the lineup.

Snider has already been benched against lefties this year. He’s doing a good job of getting on base against right-handers, which is good for his role as a number two hitter. However, Tabata is doing a better job against right-handers, and adding some power to go with the increased OBP. Until that stops, the Pirates might want to consider giving Tabata more starts against right-handers.

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Simply put, I think Snider and Tabata are competing for the RF job. I feel whomever continues to be productive with the time they have will see a majority of the time as the season progresses. On another note, I feel Tabata could hit with power more consistently if he would tweak his stance slightly.

IC Bob

Why break whats working? Leave the situation alone. As it is both Snider and Tabata can’t play 10 games without getting hurt so each will get plenty of opportunities to hit against pitchers from the same side.


For some reason, I just don’t believe in Tabata. Last year was painful to watch as he showed how out of shape he was on his way to the minors/DL. I’ll admit he looks like he is in better shape, and he is playing better. But the scouting report on him has changed every year. He went from power hitter to a hitter for a high average only to see him become a hitter that couldn’t hit his own weight. So forgive me for not trusting his 340 average, but this guy hasn’t put a together a consistent season since his rookie year.

Andrew Smalley

At this point, both are playing well and both seem to be getting plenty of playing time and, any change based on samples thus far, is essentially guess-work. For all the things that I believe Hurdle has screwed up (bullpen mgmt, playing Brandon Inge, bunting incessantly, fascination w/ McDonald, etc), I think RF has been handled pretty well.

However, regardless of whether you prefer Snider or Tabata, I think all reasonable people agree that it should be *one* of them. Today, Hurdle has Jones in RF and Sanchez at 1B, despite no evidence that Sanchez can actually hit RHPing. Plus, you’ve made your defense worse in RF as well by playing Jones over Tabata.

Just when you think Hurdle is figuring things out, he changes the rules…on himself. Frustrating….

Andrew Smalley

Agreed. I wrote a piece earlier saying that GFJ and Gaby should be thanking each other for their existence, because w/o each other, both would be terribly flawed players. Not only is the platoon great for production, but it is *absolutely* crucial for each player to have worth. Neither Jones nor Gaby can hit same-handed pitchers. In fact, neither can look even remotely comfortable. Sanchez pops everything up and is late on each swing, while Jones rolls over to the right side or swings at pitches in the dirt.

The fact that Hurdle is guaranteeing that Sanchez faces a RHP today is beyond the pale. It’s just ridiculous roster mgmt when you have Tabata just sitting on the bench.


Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that this site was arguing the opposite, that Snider should start against lefties also?

I agree that each player deserves a chance to shine through regular playing time. But making that judgment based on these tiny sample sizes is silly (especially when each player has career numbers, including MLB numbers). My take: Tabata had his chance last year and blew it, badly. Give Snider the RF spot every day for 2-3 months and really see what you have there. If you have nothing, make the switch. But this is the only way that you are going to know.

joe g.

Technically it is a platoon, but this platoon speaks more to the equal talent level of the two players. Tabata is hitting a little better. Snider is considered to be a little better in the outfield. It’s like having co-starters in RF. I’m betting that Tabata will get more starts against RH pitching as the season continues.

Steve Zielinski

The RF platoon is working. Breaking it up in order to learn that it won’t work over the long-term only wastes Snider’s contribution.
One way to increase Tabata’s AB totals: Give McCutchen and Marte additional off-days.

Steve Zielinski

Yes. I advocate giving Marte and McCutchen more rest days.


Why would you base playing time decisions on a microsample like Tabata’s 47 at bats against righties this year? What purpose does it serve? We’re still at the point of the season where 3 hitless games in a row would take Tabata’s OPS against righties below .760, do you give the job back to Snider then? It all seems pretty reactionary.


If I may…Tabata does have a career 278 BA against righties and 253 against lefties. He’s always been better against RH, so if he’s made a real skill improvement then it only makes sense for him to bat against RH


That’s a big if, considering Tabata had a .614 OPS as recently as 10 May. He’s basically been terrible all year, then had two big games last week and now he deserves a full time job. Whatever.


Yeah, but what sucks is that I think they mostly step on each others toes as far matchups go.


I see both RF’s as big ifs…our hope is that one of them hits their potential. But, my point is that your 614 OPS is a much smaller sample size than my 278 BA


Well, yeah, I don’t necessarily see either one as an everyday player. Which is why the Pirates need to keep playing both and try to work the matchups to to their advantage.


He’s getting playing time. He has 82 PA and Snider has 114 so it’s not like he’s riding the bench Ciriaco style. If he continues to outperform Snider, I’m sure he’ll start to get more playing time. But we’re talking about a guy who had a .614 OPS on May 10, and now after a couple of good games, he needs to be the every day rightfielder? Let the job share play out for a little while before awarding the job to anyone. Snider’s been hitting better than Tabata pretty much all year, but as soon as Tabata gets hot for a week and passes Snider’s OPS, he wins the job? Doesn’t make any sense.


What’s wrong with it is that hot streaks have basically zero predictive value. It’s managing by the gambler’s fallacy.

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