Jeanmar Gomez to Start on Sunday

Jeanmar Gomez will start on Sunday. Photo Credit: David Hague
Jeanmar Gomez will start on Sunday. Photo Credit: David Hague

Jeanmar Gomez’s start last night appears to have bought him an additional start. Michael Sanserino reports that the right-hander will also get the start on Sunday.

I went over the options to replace James McDonald yesterday, and noted that Gomez and Andy Oliver seemed to be the best bets. Gomez definitely made a strong case for himself last night, although it was against the Mariners. Then again, Sunday’s start is against the Mets, so it’s not like he’ll be going up against a difficult lineup. The Pirates will be going up against a difficult pitcher, with Matt Harvey expected to start that game.

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I’m rooting hard for Jeanmar. For 20 years, I’ve watched the Bucs give up on prospects to keep “proven” players in their 30’s. It’s a breath of fresh air to see them take on young reclamation projects and get contributions from them.

Stephen Brooks

Harvey has started 7 games. In 6 of them he’s given up 1 earned run or less. He’s kinda good.


“although it was against the Mariners”
The Mariners like any other major league team can light you up if you don’t pitch well.
Degrading Gomez’s performance because of the other teams lineup doesn’t work for me, going up against Harvey seems to me to be a pretty tough assignment. I believe the Mets have won a few games also.

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