John McDonald to the DL, Jordy Mercer Recalled

Jordy Mercer is back with the Pirates. Photo Credit: David Hague
Jordy Mercer is back with the Pirates. Photo Credit: David Hague

The Pittsburgh Pirates have placed infielder John McDonald on the 15-day disabled list, and have recalled Jordy Mercer from Indianapolis.

There were a lot of words written last week about Jordy Mercer being sent down. A lot of those words came on this site, and from me. It’s great to see Mercer back and McDonald out. However, it’s kind of a strange situation. This obviously shows that the Pirates were more concerned with keeping McDonald in the system, rather than getting Mercer regular playing time. If the concern was regular playing time for Mercer, we’d see Josh Harrison or Ivan De Jesus called up for this important backup role. I’m not sure why there’s such a need to keep McDonald around, to the point where you’d send down a hot hitter like Mercer.

It will be interesting to see how much playing time Mercer gets. I wrote all last week that Mercer should get Inge’s role, taking occasional starts at second, shortstop, and third base. He could bat for Neil Walker or Pedro Alvarez when a lefty is on the mound, and start for Clint Barmes once a week.

UPDATE 2:33 PM: Mercer is starting at shortstop tonight, and batting 8th.

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Andy Zibuck

They’re sitting Barmes’s hitting streak. So now when Jordy goes 0-4 Hurdle can say, “see, there’s a steep dropoff there, blah, blah, blah, and that’s the beauty of this game.”


Jeez. Can¨t we just be happy for one day and give Clint credit for doing the right thing? Showing confidence in starting Mercer the 1st night he¨s up, and doing it at SS… Come on, you think Hurdle wnats to lose this game to prove Mercer does not belong? Too much conspiracy stuff for me 🙂


This is what you call poetic justice for Mercer! He has earned the right to be in Pittsburgh right now. And he’s starting today at SS, love it! Granted Harrison has been raking the ball lately but he’s had TONS more opportunities to play, it’s Mercer’s turn to get a shot at sticking in the big leagues! Welcome back Jordy!

Paul J Books

Let’s see. Play him at 2B or 3B against lefties. Play him 2x a week at short, get him in the lineup 4 times out of every 6 or 7. Will be very interesting to see how they use him. I want to see him play SS and see the difference in quality for myself. As much as I cannot stand watching Barmes hit, it seems he is punching the ball around the field lately.


I can’t see this move at all, Mercer should only be up here to play, not to ride the pine, Harrison would have been a better choice.


No power, no speed, can’t hit for average. No thanks. Mercer’s time has come.


Lucky Mercer. Two weeks to sit on the bench and vegetate. He does get to breath major league air though!

Fred Langford

Convenient. Did McDonald get hurt reaching foor the sunflower seeds? At least we know Mercer will have 2 more weeks to prove himself.

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