Karstens Feels Pain While Rehabbing Shoulder

Jeff Karstens is coming back to Pittsburgh for an evaluation after feeling pain in his right shoulder while throwing Friday, according to a report by Travis Sawchik of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Jeff Karstens felt pain in his right shoulder while rehabbing on Friday.
Jeff Karstens felt pain in his right shoulder while rehabbing on Friday.

Karstens had been rehabbing the injured shoulder with Triple-A Indianapolis when the setback occurred. Pirates general manager Neal Huntington told Pirates Prospects he would have a decision to make about what role Karstens would have when he returned from the disabled list but now it appears that decision could be pushed back.

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Chris Hale

Well We knew this would happen. This guy is done as a Pirate. Time to move on. We need a 5th starter so Morton gets the call and put Gomez in the long man spot where I thought Karstens would be. If He can’t get it done I wouldn’t dip into AAA because Oliver hasn’t been quite good enough, neither has Johnson. Irwin and McPherson are injured. I’d getJustin Wilson stretched out and in the rotation. they shouldn’t give up on him as a starter


I feel bad for Karstens, but it does not look at this time like he is going to be someone the Pirates can depend on going down the stretch, might be that one of those AAA pitchers is going to have to come into play if Morton can’t get it done or a possible trade, but the Pirates definitely need that 5th starter.


Karstens doesn’t have a pain …HE IS A PAIN.

Lee Young

I was really rooting for Jeff K. Bummer


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