Minor Moves: Thornton Added to Indy, Waldrop to the DL

Zach Thornton has been promoted to Indianapolis.
Zack Thornton has been promoted to Indianapolis.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have promoted Zack Thornton from Altoona to Indianapolis. He’s now the third pitcher added to Indianapolis today, following Atahualpa Severino and Graham Godfrey. The Pirates also reinstated Chase d’Arnaud from the 60-day disabled list, putting the 40-man roster at 41. Three pitchers have been added to Indianapolis, and no corresponding moves have been announced yet to clear space on that roster, or on the 40-man.

I feel like there’s another shoe waiting to drop. I’ll keep this post updated with any more minor moves throughout the day.

UPDATE 3:08 PM: When Thornton is added, the Indians will have 13 active pitchers and 12 active hitters. Godfrey is currently showing up as active on the roster, but Severino is listed as reassigned. So no move will have to be made in Indianapolis until Severino is active.

UPDATE 4:15 PM: Kyle Waldrop has been placed on the Indianapolis DL. Also, Charlie Morton has been transferred to the 60-day DL to create the 40-man spot, per James Santelli.

That doesn’t really impact Morton’s recovery time. He’s already missed 60 days, so it didn’t matter whether he was on the 15-day or 60-day DL at this point.

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Well, what “mattered” about putting Morton on the 60-day now – instead of at the end of ST, when they already knew he’d be out at least 60 days – is that they lost Clint Robinson and/or Hunter Strickland solely because they blew that decision.

David Lewis

You mean Clint Robinson who has been again DFA’d by the Jays, and Hunter Strickland who is a 24-YO in A+? That Clint Robinson and/or Hunter Strickland?

Weighed against the ability to bring Morton back a few weeks earlier if his recovery had progressed faster, that’s a decision I’ll give the FO a pass on.


If you’re going to go by who the BJays select off of waivers and DFA, we’re going to be here a while 🙂

You can’t really give the FO a free pass on losing those guys, because it was unnecessary. At best estimates at the end of March, Morton might be able to get thru rehab and come back a few days short of the end of May (to do what, I’m not sure). You lose the rights to those guys for THAT, when you simply didn’t have to?

Just a bad, indefensible call at the time (one of several as you know; hopefully, they’re learning from their mistakes lately)

Stephen Brooks

Just a guess, but could be the end for either Contreras or Old McDonald. I used to think Zagurski could be traded, but he hasn’t pitched.


Gotta hand it to this bunch. They sure know how to juggle the 40 man and 25 man roster with the use of the DL.

Brian Bernard

I don’t think you can trade a player on the DL


We heard a few weeks ago that scouts were looking at Welker and Black. Could one of them be traded even though struggling / on DL?

David Lewis

New strategy: Pitchers at every position!

Hey, it worked with utility infielders.

Joe Sweetnich

Only a guess, but Jared Hughes gets traded? Who else would anyone want at AAA that’s not hurt and on the 40 man roster?


You thinking trade?

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