Reid Brignac Traded to the Yankees

Jon Heyman tweets that the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Minnesota Twins are two teams who could have interest in infielder Reid Brignac.

Brignac was recently designated for assignment by the Colorado Rockies after hitting for a .250/.294/.375 line in 48 at-bats. In his career in the majors he has a .228/.270/.321 line in 719 at-bats. The strength of his game is that he has good defensive tools, which would have some appeal as a backup infielder who can cover shortstop. His numbers aren’t inspiring, but he’d be a better option than John McDonald.

Back in 2008 there were trade rumors at the deadline that the Pirates were interested in Brignac, including a rumor that a deal was done sending Jason Bay to Tampa Bay in exchange for Brignac and Jeff Niemann.

SATURDAY: Brignac has been traded to the Yankees, per Jon Heyman.

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Fred Langford

To me there is little difference between brignac and McDonald. Mercer does not need anymore minor league abs. I think people are under the impression that he is young or something. He turns 27 this August. No reason to let a guy that has a 0.8 WAR his first 100 AB sit in the minors. Mercer played almost 200 games at a major college program and has 500+ minor league games. He is a finished product. Time to let him be the main INF off the bench until July and see what happens. If it doesn’t work out we can make a deal for a hopeful playoff run…or maybe NH will bring a 300 pound Lenny Harris out of retirement.

Lee Young

I say, bring him in and let Mercer get more ABs at AAA. We will need Mercer for 2014.


Tim: Why not? I liked him a lot a few years ago when he was playing SS, 2B, 3B, RF, and LF for the Rays. In 2010 he had an excellent year with 13 doubles and 7 HR’s in 300 AB’s and fielded well. Since then he has had little PT (only 70 AB’s combined in 2012 and 2013). Since I see Barmes leaving, and Jordy starting, we need an experienced backup with an excellent glove, and Brignac swings from the left side, so possibly even a rotation possibility, or a bench hitter. I think he is only 27, is trying to find another chance to stay in the majors, is only making $500K, and I think he is on a minor league contract. Again, in 2010 his batting WAR was 1.4 which Barmes has not gotten to in 2012 or 2013.

Kerry Writtenhouse

You’re thinking of Ben Zobrist.


Nope, Zobrist was one of the group, but he’s about 5 years older than Brignac and is a switchhitter. But, I think he will be around again.

Fred Langford

Brignac has some similarities to Brandon Wood statistically…that’s not a good thing. Brignac is a good defender…but there is no need to give up players or cash for a guy like this. Oh! John McDonald! That’s right! We already did it anyways. Glad we didn’t do it twice. Skynet is learning exponentially.



I’d rather they release McDonald, pass on this no-hit SS, and stick with Barmes and Mercer. Plus, D’Arnaud will soon be available if needed.

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