Potential Return Dates For Liriano and Morton

Charlie Morton could return on May 14th.
Charlie Morton could return on May 14th.

Rob Biertempfel and Michael Sanserino have the potential return dates for Francisco Liriano and Charlie Morton.

As I wrote on Monday, the Pirates don’t need Francisco Liriano until May 11th. Due to the off-days in the next week, they can move A.J. Burnett, Jeff Locke, and Wandy Rodriguez up a day to May 8th-10th. That would place a need for a starter on the 11th, which is when Liriano should return.

The May 14th date is interesting for Morton. Looking at the probable pitching chart, that lines up with Jeff Locke’s start. That leaves open the possibility that the Pirates could go with Morton over Locke when he returns.

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Right now Locke looks like their #3 pitcher, not JimmyMac.

Ian Rothermund

Agreed. I’ve just about had it with Jmac. Even aside from his poor performance, he doesn’t seem to have the right mentality; always seems to have a bad attitude.

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