Neil Walker to the DL, Jordy Mercer Recalled

Jordy Mercer could be joining the Pirates.
Jordy Mercer could be joining the Pirates.

Dan Zangrilli of 93.7 The Fan reports that Jordy Mercer is likely joining the Pirates.

No word on what the corresponding move would be. The two possibilities that come to mind would be Neil Walker to the disabled list, or releasing John McDonald. I feel it’s more of the former than the latter.

Charlie Wilmoth wrote this morning about how Mercer deserves to be on the 25-man roster.

UPDATE 4:45 PM: The Pirates have announced that Neil Walker has been placed on the 15-day DL, and Jordy Mercer has been recalled. Walker’s placement was retroactive April 27th.

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Mercer’s record in the minors hitting-wise has been reasonable (.287 in AAA last year, and an unsustainable .333 in AAA so far this year), so there’s no reason to think that can’t translate over to the majors given enough at bats.
I’d say the more pressing matter is why McDonald is still on the roster, but it may well be possible that will change in the next week or two depending on how Mercer hits in the limited appearances he’ll be making.


If he could hit he would have been up here by now.

Stephen Brooks

Your statement only makes sense in the context of the FO and CH constructing the roster to maximize the team’s performance right now. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Morris is a better pitcher than Leroux, Mazzaro and Hughes, but he was left off the 25-man because he had an option left. Presley was sent down to AAA because, apparently, he hits left-handed while Tabata hits righty. And Mercer was left off because apparently NH feared the universe would run out of light-hitting middle infielders.

Mercer can hit. He’s not likely to be an all-star but he’s certainly good enough to start.


I hope you’re right. But time will tell.


Just what we need. Another middle infielder that can’t hit. I can’t stomach a team with Barmes, McDonald and Mercer all on the 25 man roster.


Why do you suppose that Mercer can’t hit?

Lee Young

I just hope they let him play!

If Inge plays instead of him….POW….right in the Hurdle bubblegum. 🙂


Mercer in the lineup tonight, batting 2nd and playing 2nd. Inge in right field.


I expect Inge to be Walker’s primary replacement. Mercer can sit on the bench.

Thom Kay

Thank God. Anybody but Barmes. Guy has had a .253 wOBA since joining the Pirates. The NL average for shortstops was a .302 wOBA during that time.

Mercer can give us close to league average. Good enough for me.


I heard several sources mention how bad Walker’s cut was. Seems kind of dumb to play shorthanded for the past week when they had a good idea that NFW wouldn’t be available.

Bryan Graham

It would be surprising to me if indeed they do bring up Mercer over Harrison. The Pirates have made it abundantly clear they have 0 faith in Mercer. If the Pirates don’t give him a legitimate shot soon they should do the guy a favor and either trade or release him so he can get a chance somewhere else, he will be 27 soon. I just don’t get it, he’s a solid defender who’s proved all he could as a AAA hitter, worst case is he hits as poorly as Barmes does which isn’t likely.


The last several games whomever has been on the TV side announcing has eluded to how bad that cut is on Walkers hand/fingers. Walker hitting the DL makes sense. I’m guessing that means he’s going to play second rather than short then. Man, I hope he continues being the world beater he has been so far this year. Hopefully he can force Hurdles hand when Walker comes back.

Stephen Brooks

Bring him up. Play him. Let McDonald go, whether it’s now or when Walker is off the DL, whichever the case may be. And I maintain that Barmes now profiles as a late-inning defensive replacement.

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